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Detron (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Detron (SCAM) Review

Detron is a relatively new HYIP which positions itself as a company occupying stable positions in real estate investment market. Launched on February 27, the project has a high-quality website, reliable technical part, a very tempting investment plan, profitable affiliate program as well as many other advantages which will be considered further on.

hyip-scams - Detron (SCAM) Review

So, we will start with a website design — the calling card of any HYIP.  Detron website has a modern simple design combined with clear and uncluttered layout to provide users complete information needed for investing. Accessibility of the financial statistics, various social networking accounts, live support, multilingual design inspire confidence and make website user- friendly and easy to use. The  only one thing that spoils the impression from the website is botched video review in “About Us” section.

hyip-scams - Detron (SCAM) Review

As regards the investment opportunities, Detron offers single tariff plan: 1%-4% daily until your balance reaches 150%. Thus, if you deposit $100 you will reach a break-even point within 25-100 days.

The project accepts online payments via Perfect Money, Payeer, BitCoin, Advanced Cash payment systems. The withdrawals are processed instant, in some cases within 48 business hours.

hyip-scams - Detron (SCAM) Review

Detron has a three-tired affiliate program with 6%–3%–1% reward which depending on referral levels. For direct referrals you will get 6% interest on the amount deposited by the referral. For second tire referral you will get 3% and for third level referral you will get 1% referral commission. Rewards will be automatically credited to your account after your referral makes investment. Affiliate commission can be requested to withdraw instantly after its accrual.

Domain and Technical Details of the HYIP inspire the trust and confidence. It uses a custom-made script, good hosting server, Geo Trust SSL certificate and is well DDoS protected by EasyGeoDns; the website has several degrees of protection.

Detron is a new well-prepared HYIP that merits close attention from investors of different experience levels. The high-quality website, reliable technical part, attractive investment plan, perfect customer support, reasonable affiliate reward argue in favour of this project.

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