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External Evaluation of HYIP (Part 2)

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - External Evaluation of HYIP (Part 2)

This is the part 2 of the article. Read the Part 1.

Payout details. Users constantly publish information on the withdrawals on the above-mentioned forums in special topics. Some even leave numbers of transfers, screenshots, and other data that increase the likelihood of reliability. Carefully review forum threads about payments – the date of initial reports and the latest successful payments. According to them you can determine the real state of the HYIP, when it began to work, and other data.

Also view posts about depositing in the HYIP. Try to estimate the average amount of deposits and their quantity. If you rate the project as a medium-term and notice that it has gained a very considerable sum, perhaps you’d better avoid this HYIP.

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - External Evaluation of HYIP (Part 2)


HYIP representatives on the forums. As a rule, information on projects is placed by “side” investors on the forums, who just came across a HYIP and promote it so to get a referral fee. Well, they may be trying to position themselves so as well. In other cases, the theme creator is a representative of the project and it is already a clear advantage of the HYIP, especially if he does not disappear after creating the thread and continues to take part in discussions, answering questions, announcing the news, etc.

Activity in social networks. It is not a basic necessity, but still the presence of representatives and groups in social networks can be an extra plus in favor of the project.

Monitoring services. According to the monitoring services you can find new projects for investment, check the solvency and the state of a HYIP, as well as partly assess the extent of the HYIP online. For these purposes, investors track another HYIP on different monitors. the more information they get about the site, the bigger project status “pays”, correspondingly, the greater its popularity, attendance and solvency of the project (after all, monitors are likely to pay for advertising).

Do not rely too much on monitors’ assessment of the state. First of all, these services, which have only a large number of banners, are likely to be created by the HYIP organizers themselves. Moreover, the largest monitors are paid by HYIPs creators. And not infrequently, after the project ceases to pay investors, the HYIP admins pay monitors to attract a bigger number of “lost souls” for some time.

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