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Financial Statistics in HYIPs (Part1)

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - Financial Statistics in HYIPs (Part1)

Some projects provide various statistics on their sites or in your personal account, such as “how much money is invested in the project”, “how much is withdrawn”, “the biggest deposits”, and “information about the latest payments” and so on.

But HYIPs are a world of lies and deception, and no one should believe these figures. In most cases, this statistics is not real, but invented with different purposes, mainly for psychological influence on people.

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - Financial Statistics in HYIPs (Part1)

For example, immediately after the HYIP opening, statistics may show that some people have already invested in it or are actively investing. Looking at such statistics it is much easier to risk to put your money, knowing that many have invested and they are sure to have checked the information. The mass effect is doing its job. Now imagine that you have opened a beautiful site that promises interest significantly higher than the bank rate, and the statistics show that there are no investors, or 5-7 invested about $123. Perhaps, you won’t invest in such a project.

Besides, statistics may show, for example, an active growth of the total deposits. Seeing this and even knowing that the HYIP will collapse, you may decide that the HYIP is still far from the peak judging by the statistics growth. in fact, it may be already in decline or have just stopped payments.

Some HYIPs use statistics cunningly and take into account real deposits and payments, but only together with the fake ones. You can invest a few bucks and make sure that the statistics is really increased for a few dollars, you appeared in the list of recent additions, and so on. In fact, your couple of bucks could be added to the baseless figure of a few thousand dollars and to the artificially generated list of depositors.

Another statistics that can be found on the HYIPs websites is payments together with the information of how much is withdrawn and by whom. This statistic plays into the admins’ hands. Firstly, looking at how someone withdrew 5-10 thousand dollars, many involuntarily get enthusiastic, and no matter that it is the automatically generated entry, which you cannot check even knowing the wallet number. Secondly, these statistics are needed when the project ceases payments, the forums are already full of negative reviews that the project does not pay, but not all read them. An inexperienced investor may believe that the payments are still made by looking at such statistics, and may replenish the admin’s wallet with his deposit.

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