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Oil-target (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Oil-target (SCAM) Review

Oil-target is another one short- and mid-term project, launched in the wake of the springtime awakening of HIYP industry. The HYIP began its work just a few days ago, on 3 April. Oil-target has a reliable technical part, wide variety of short- and mid-term tariff plans, a quality site design, as well as many other advantages which will be considered below.

hyip-scams - Oil-target (SCAM) Review

So, what is the source of the money the project pays? According to the website, Oil-target earns from renewable energy investment. ‘We have created a diversified portfolio that combines income-generating and growth opportunities. By striking the right balance, we ensure short-term success and future development,’ the website says.

hyip-scams - Oil-target (SCAM) Review

As for investment opportunities, Oil-target offers six tariff plans which differ the yield, term and minimum deposit amount. So, depending on the deposit amount you can receive from 2% daily to 4000% after 40 days. The detailed terms of all plans you can find on the website. Once you are signed up, you can make your first deposit. Below we provide the general overview of the investment plans:

102%-115% after 1 day, deposit amount is $10/$50,000

109%-170% after 3 days

150%-900% after 10 days

350%-2500% after 25 days

750%-4000% after 40 days

VIP-1000% AFTER 30 DAYS, deposit $500/$5,000

To find return on your deposit from the chosen plan you can use profit calculator on the website. As the program offers tariff plans with different initial deposit amounts, it is better to start by investing minimum ones. Eventually, you will be able to reinvest the interest to other plans of the HYIP.

hyip-scams - Oil-target (SCAM) Review

Oil-target works with the most demanded HYIP payment systems: Perfect Money, ADVcash, Payeer, Bitcoin, Payza, Skrill, Neteller. The min/max deposit amount for basic tariff plans are $10/$50,000. The time frame for processing a withdrawal request is normally from 1 to 15 hours. Maximum waiting time is 24 hours.

The HYIP allows you not only to earn on investment, but to make money on its affiliate program, which offers 3% from deposit of your referral. The affiliate bonus will be credited to your account balance as soon as your referral places his deposit.

There is no any gap in technical and domain details of the HYIP. The site uses a good hosting server, SSL certificate and is well DDoS protected.  Oil-target support team is always on hand to help you. You can get in touch with them via contact form or e-mail. And, of course, do not neglect FAQ section where most of commonly asked questions must have already been answered.

Oil-target is a newly launched HYIP with high-quality site, reliable technical part, wide variety of short- and mid-term tariff plans, as well many other advantages. The program can be a good choice for investors, as this HYIP is at the early stage of its life cycle. In addition, adequate affiliate reward shows that the admin is not interested in a massive influx of investors but aims at a smooth start of the project.

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  1. admin

    oil-target processed my withdraw. i get their messenger but no money in my balance.and amin no rely, no help.
    i lost 300 $. i sad……


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