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Serious Reasons Not to Trust HYIP Monitor

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - Serious Reasons Not to Trust HYIP Monitor

On the basis of monitoring systems, future investors decide whether to invest in this project. That is, we can say that the positive information on a HYIP on monitoring sites costs a lot of money. Unfortunately, some of the monitoring sites do not hesitate to promote obviously fraudulent projects, because they are paid for it. So, before you rely on the information of any monitoring site it is worth analyzing it itself, to start with.

Look at the votes left by the project participants. If you see a clear repetition of the same text, similar nicknames, frequent meaningless phrases, it indicates that the monitoring administration doesn’t moderate users’ votes. As a rule, each fair monitoring system has the so-called Black list, which includes those commentators who are engaged in advertising a certain project. Because of these commentators it is very difficult to determine the attitude of real depositors to this project.

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - Serious Reasons Not to Trust HYIP Monitor

Note the presence of advertising on the monitoring site. If you find ads of already closed projects or projects that deceived its depositors there, this suggests that the administration is poorly interested in the activities of investment projects. But it is the main task of monitoring to show interest in a HYIP life, isn’t it?

Each monitoring site has distribution of projects into categories. So, while analyzing, especially pay attention to those projects that are in the most expensive category.

Look for the monitoring representatives on popular forums about a HYIP. Typically, they indicate it either in their profiles, or advertise the related monitoring system in the signature. So, pay attention to the activities of these people. Especially consider their messages. If a monitoring representative reports about receiving payment for the deposit in the project thread, while other users are writing that the project does not pay them, then this suggests that the monitoring site is deceiving its users.

Watch the threads created by monitoring representatives. If you see that the advertised projects worked a lot of time, it increases the reputation of both the representative, in particular, and the monitoring site, in general.

But if there are, mostly, adverts of ephemeral HYIPs, I would think over, before taking into account the information from such monitoring sites.
In total, there are not so many monitoring systems in the network, the reputation of which I have personally never doubted. There are a number of projects once promoting a specific HYIP-project.

Do not try to determine the integrity of all monitoring sites because the projects presented on the majority of them are the same. So it is sufficient to choose a few of monitoring sites, with whom you would like to cooperate further.

Determine for yourself the time period during which you will check the honesty of monitoring work. If your analysis gives a positive result, continue working with the monitoring site. If not, look for others.

Nowadays, the HYIP market is quite unstable, so owners of HYIP-monitoring sites sometimes sell their projects. In such situations, if the monitoring site happens to be in the hands of new administration, it is best to start analyzing its future work again, because I know cases when monitoring sites were bought by competitors to be used for advertising fraudulent projects.

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