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hyip-scams - TheFunction Review

TheFunction is a relatively new HYIP with the yield of 3.3% daily. Launched on April 18, the investment program may well become a long-running project. Attractive tariff plan, reliable technical part, quality of HYIP preparation show that the webmaster maintains focus on a long-term work of the HYIP.

hyip-scams - TheFunction Review

According to the website, TheFunction is an Ethereum-based HYIP which uses a smart contract in its operations. The webmaster doesn’t hide that the project is a Ponzi scheme where the investors’ income is generated from the funds received from follow-on investors. However, in all honesty, almost all HYIPs are operating according to the principle ‘borrow from Peter to pay Paul’.

hyip-scams - TheFunction Review

Making an investment in TheFunction will earn you a 3.3% daily interest of the deposits you make. You will earn from the investment through interest income which is paid by a smart contract every day to your Ethereum wallet. As an investor, you will be receiving interest daily in the lifetime of the contract. After 30 days of investment, you will start receiving net profit.

The contract lacks deposit return option. As it is impossible to create a fully decentralized project with the deposit return option as it exhausts the entire balance of the contract within the first month of payments. All additional info needed for investing, including ‘How to start’ manual,  you will find on the TheFunction website.

hyip-scams - TheFunction Review

As for deposit and withdrawal process, TheFunction works only with Ethereum Wallet, a gateway to decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain.

TheFunction Customer Support team are always ready to assist you and answer all your questions via e-mail. And, of course, do not neglect FAQ section where most of commonly asked questions must have already been answered. If you’re just starting out, please go through their FAQ section before contact with support.

TheFunction is a HYIP which is certainly worth drawing attention. The program offers sustainable investment plan with good management of the website. It seems that it is a high-quality and long-lived program which is able to generate good profit for investors.

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