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Tracking of Escaped Admins (Part 2)

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips, be-in-the-loop - Tracking of Escaped Admins (Part 2)

This is the part 2 of the article. Read the Part 1.

Claiming to the police is a very dangerous way of looking for an administrator, since it can lead to law enforcement agencies counterclaiming the applying person. According to statistics, about 15% of all claims end in such a way. When writing an application, it is required to describe in detail the essence of fraud, that is, the HYIP and your participation in it. And it is at this moment that different questions arise. For example, if the person was going to pay taxes on profits, where he took significant funds for investments, why he used anonymous payment services to transfer money, and most importantly, if he attracted other people while participating in the referral program, that is, in fact, was an accomplice in the financial pyramid.

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips, be-in-the-loop - Tracking of Escaped Admins (Part 2)

Taking into account the impossibility of finding the actual organizers, the police will be happy to report on bringing to justice the accomplices of the financial crime.

As for the police’s ability to search for such criminals, the existing anti-cyber crime departments are mainly engaged in finding scammers who steal personal information of credit card holders and pose a threat to the banking system. They just do not have time for all the rest. The usual linear police departments are useless in search of admins.

Lawless tracking. When using the services of representatives of the criminal world, it is worthwhile to understand that the tricksters’ services will have to be paid regardless of the final result in any case.

You can use such a search method only in cases when it is about returning significant amounts, not less than 10-15 thousand dollars invested in hyips. Often it is precisely the fee to be paid to “bandits” for their services. HYIP admin is not just a petty thief from the district. They can’t find him by the code of criminals, which means that the bandits will have to go to the appropriate specialists, including computer men. Naturally, the client will have to pay for all this. The options “you have not found anybody” in this world do not work, and there is a possibility to run into troubles with representatives of the criminal world.

If to combine all of the above-said, we can certainly say that it is practically useless to look for the missing admin, and rarely do such searches give any positive result. but they can lead to additional financial losses and other difficulties. Often, it is much better to abandon such searches altogether, and to put up with the loss of money. after all, HYIPs initially provides for a high degree of risk.


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