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To Trust or Not to Trust in HYIP Legend

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - To Trust or Not to Trust in HYIP Legend

Even half a year ago, none of the investors paid attention to the HYIP legend: when analyzing they paid more attention to the technical side of the project. However, now investors have become more intelligent and thrifty, respectively, admins have to come up with an original legend.

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - To Trust or Not to Trust in HYIP Legend

Legend is a cover story about the methods of earnings of the investment project. The investment program, whose legend directly states the project to be a Ponzi scheme, is classified as MLM business. Any other legend gives the right to classify a project as a HYIP.

The most well-worn HYIP legend is stock exchange trading, especially in the Forex. This legend is favourite because the forex is one of the few places that can really give higher profits from 10-20% per month and above. In addition, Forex trading is a popular type of online income, easy to understand for many people.

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - To Trust or Not to Trust in HYIP LegendTrade in gold or real estate. It is the second most popular HYIP legend. The administration of any project is always striving to ensure that the project looks reliable and credible. However, unlike stock exchange trading, trading in precious metals or real estate is reliable, but not high-yield investment, comparable with bank depositing. Therefore, such a legend always causes mistrust among potential investors.

Sports betting. This legend became very popular in 2014, when virtually every other HYIP appeared with this story. Betting allows you to increase the capital at any rate, even 100%, or 1000% per month. But such income may not initially be stable, so most HYIPs with such a legend prove to be “dear old” Ponzi scheme.

Earnings on cryptocurrency transactions. This issue appeared in HYIPs after Bitcoins being frequently mentioned in the news. Special boom occurred after the Bitcoins value broke the mark of $ 1,000 in the open trading. Sometimes there are a few rare stories about furniture business, some plants, digital technologies, etc. There are virtually no limits for fantasy as well as in real business.

Now matter how plausible a legend sounds, most often a project turns out to be a Ponzi scheme. Sometimes a HYIP is really supported by a real source of income, but not always enough to run continuously and steadily. So you should not pay much attention to the legend, you should always keep in mind that sooner or later every HYIP shuts down. It is newbies who often believe in the qualitative legend, which also contributes to a more active development of the project. So, study the information that the project gives you to assess its quality, but never take these words literally.

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