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Most Popular HYIP Payment Processors (Part 2)

hyip-payment-systems - Most Popular HYIP Payment Processors (Part 2)

This is the part 2 of the article. Read the Part 1.

hyip-payment-systems - Most Popular HYIP Payment Processors (Part 2)


PAYEER started out as an exchanger,  which, as a result, was transformed into an online payment processor. This explains why PAYEER provides its own e-currency exchange service. You can deposit money in PAYEER with countless methods, send, receive money and withdraw with any other given method. There are about 150 payment systems integrated with PAYEER. Everyone will find the right one for himself. Moreover, you can order a plastic card and withdraw money from ATMs.

hyip-payment-systems - Most Popular HYIP Payment Processors (Part 2)

PAYEER is strongly demanded as a payment option among HYIPs because this system is added to GoldCoders script, the most popular HYIP script. HYIPs prefer PAYEER because the system do not require any verification as Liberty Reserve offered before. PAYEER says that they do not block any accounts, which is s a true paradise for the HYIP admins.

To make your PAYEER account more secure, you can activate a transaction verification option Master Key.

Transfers between accounts are free of charge. Depositing is free. PAYEER charges you 0.95% of your received payment for receiving payments (if your HYIP uses API).


•Zero or low fees;

•A wide choice of deposit and withdrawal methods;

•Instant and flexible transactions between HYIP programs;

•Mass payments;

•Exchange service;

•Automatic payments into banks, (bank cards)

•Simple registration (email verification only);

•High degree of protection (ip-safety, SMS safety);

•Virtual cards (that completely can replace real cards)

•Multi currency accounts;

•Instant transfer of means;

•Affiliate program.

Shortcomings of the system:

High withdrawal fee and some currency exchange fees.

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  1. admin

    Mastercard a the moment not supported. Message from help desk, keep track of News..but there no mention of Mastercard temporarily unavailable as deposit method.


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