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Most Popular HYIP Payment Processors (Part 3)

hyip-payment-systems - Most Popular HYIP Payment Processors (Part 3)

This is the part 3 of the article. Read the Part 2.

hyip-payment-systems - Most Popular HYIP Payment Processors (Part 3)


Advcash is a quite young payment system which has already managed to win popularity among HYIP players. The system provides a variety deposits and withdrawal ways with minimal or no fees. Advcash MasterCard allows users withdraw cash from an ATMs. It operates in 200 countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan. Its opening costs just $ 4.99, and its annual servicing is free.

hyip-payment-systems - Most Popular HYIP Payment Processors (Part 3)

Advcash offers multi-tiered system or secure payments: phone verification, code card, payment password (PAYEER’s Master Key analogue), token.

The absence of transaction fees is the icing on the cake in Advcash.

Advcash Pros:

  • A modern and intuitive website.
  • No fees for internal transactions.
  • Anonymity (User verification is not mandatory).
  • Offshore card.
  • High-level security.
  • E-mail transactions. You just need to enter e-mail of the recipient for transferring money from your account to his/her).


OKPAY is a global online payment system that can be useful to any kind of e-commerce: regardless of the size or business segments. The OKPAY account allows its user to easily deposit, send, receive and withdraw money as well as make purchases online.

OKPAY functional capabilities

E-Wallet, Online Banking (bank transfers without country restriction, fast major currency conversion, cashing out checks) and OKPAY Debit Card (allows making payments in more than 100 countries).

hyip-payment-systems - Most Popular HYIP Payment Processors (Part 3)

OKPAY system allows converting funds between each currency without a fee, transferring to other OKPAY accounts with a low fee — only 0.5% (max. $ 2.99). In order to send payment to other OKPAY account, you must enter the recipient’s account number or email address.

Advantages of OKPAY:

  • Easy integration: the most commercial scripts of websites are supported by the payment network;
  • No country restriction: OKPAY offers access to a great number of payment options in over 200 countries with single integration;
  • Quick and easy registration;
  • Lowest fee for transferring money between accounts;
  • A wide range of withdrawal methods with low fees;
  • Profitable affiliate program;
  • Two types of accounts: personal accounts (for individuals or businesses) and corporate accounts (for legal entities);
  • High level of security, for example sms notification for login.

Disadvantages of OKPAY:

•Many HYIPs don’t work with OKPAY.

Read the Part 4.

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