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Most Popular HYIP Payment Processors (Part1)

hyip-payment-systems - Most Popular HYIP Payment Processors (Part1)

Many beginners investors often don’t even think about what HYIP payment system to choose for depositing funds and profit withdrawing and is it worth opening the only one payment system account. In this article, we will cover all pros and cons of the most popular HYIP payment providers.

hyip-payment-systems - Most Popular HYIP Payment Processors (Part1)

To begin with, let’s learn one of the most important rules — the funds must be diversified not only by HYIPs, but also by payment systems.  After all, each payment system can stop working one day and you need to be ready. We do not have to look far to see examples, it is enough to think the history of Liberty Reserve. According to the official figures, its owner was accused of “money laundering and fraud using transactions of the  unregistered financial company”. However, many are sure that the payment system was scammed.

Before choosing the main e-wallet for investment, on which most of your funds will be stored, let’s take a closer look at the four most popular payment systems in HYIP industry.

Perfect Money

All HYIP players know Perfect Money. After the collapse of Liberty Reserve, this payment provider has taken a leading position in the industry. PM is a simple and easy to use payment system, all transactions are processed instantly, as in Payeer and AdvCash.

A huge number of HYIPs choose Perfect Money as their favorite payment method because of flexible instant transactions provided for these programs within the payment system, and Perfect Money’s low transaction fees.To use Perfect Money with HYIP, you have to get a Perfect Money account first, and then select HYIP at your option.

With regard to security, PM offers standard check of IP-address, SMS verification, code card. If you have a small amount on your wallet, user authentication and a code card will be enough. There is a monthly bonus — 0.33% of the minimum account balance for the current month. As they say, every little helps.

Perfect Money Fees

Perfect Money fees are paid by sender. The commission is 1.99% for unverified account and just 0.50% for verified account. 0.5% fee from your payment is basically the lowest fee in the market. So, if you want to make more from HYIPs than Perfect Money must be choice for you.

Perfect Money advantages:

•Low transaction fees;

•Instant transactions on both deposits and withdrawals;

•A wide choice of deposits and withdrawal methods;

•High-level user’s account security;

•Instant and flexible transactions between HYIP programs

Perfect Money disadvantages:

•High fees of up to 2% (on withdrawals only);

•Transactions may be final;

•It is strictly prohibited for US citizens and permanent residents to use of Perfect Money.

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