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GlobalCryptoBot (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - GlobalCryptoBot (SCAM) Review

GlobalCryptoBot is newly launched Telegram based Bitcoin operated HYIP with the yield of 160% after 40 days. Based on available data, it took almost 5 years to develop the unique bot for Bitcoin online successful trading. The trading bot is available in several languages that include English, German, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Chinese. You can select your preferred language before initiating a new chat session.

hyip-scams - GlobalCryptoBot (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - GlobalCryptoBot (SCAM) Review

As for investment opportunities, GlobalCryptoBot offers the single tariff plan — 4% daily until you reach 160% after 40 days. The investment plan comprises Principal Included Payouts. Once you are signed up Telegram, you can make your first deposit.

GlobalCryptoBot accepts Bitcoin only. You may invest at anytime and as much as you want. Minimum deposit amount is 0.02 BTC. After correct transfer, your funds will be added to your account during an hour. Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.04 BTC

GlobalCryptoBot allows you not only to earn on investment, but to make money on a 4-tier affiliate program with up to 12% rewards. The affiliate reward is directly related to your deposit amount:

  • 12% reward for deposit from 0.02 BTC,
  • 2% — for 0.1 BTC as minimum investment amount,
  • 2% — for 1 BTC as minimum investment amount,
  • 4% — for 4 BTC as minimum investment amount.

In addition to the Affiliate Program GlobalCryptoBot offers a 6-tier Loyalty Program, which also depends on your deposit amount.

  1. Bronze: deposit amount is 1 BTC=> 0,05 BTC bonus
  2. Silver: deposit amount is 1 BTC => 0,2 BTC bonus
  3. Gold: deposit amount is 10 BTC => 0,5 BTC bonus
  4. Platin: deposit amount is 25 BTC deposit => 1 BTC bonus
  5. Smaragd: deposit amount is 50 BTC => 2,5 BTC bonus
  6. Diamond: deposit amount is 100 BTC => 5,75 BTC bonus

GlobalCryptoBot is a classic example of Telegram based Bitcoin operated HYIP. Reasonable, achievable levels of interest and minimum initial deposit allow investors to earn good money. The program offers attractive investment plan and profitable affiliate program. The project has just started operating and investors have all the chances to make gobs of money.

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