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T-BitBot Review

hyip-scams - T-BitBot Review

Telegram-based programs is one of the most topical trend of current HYIP market. One such project is T-BitBot, a mid-term HYIP with the yield of 110% after 15 banking days.  The project boasts quality site design, a high-end technical part, and good promotion. As the program just started its operating many investors are tempted to make deposits in the plan offered by T-BitBot. Let’s take a closer look at all relevant features of T-BitBot to gain a better picture of the program.

hyip-scams - T-BitBot Review

T-BitBot website has a clear, crisp, uncluttered layout. Simple and clear site structure helps you to quickly find everything you need to invest in the HYIP and earn money on its affiliate program. The HYIP website is available in 10 languages, including English, Russian, several European languages, and Arabic.

hyip-scams - T-BitBot Review

T-BitBot is operated by BITBOT LTD, a bitcoin investments company. ’BITBOT LTD is an officially registered company. Our goal is to generate passive income for you. Using our knowledge and experience in trading on the Bitcoin market, we guarantee that you will receive profit within a short period of time,’ the website states. BITBOT LTD certificate of incorporation can be found on the front page of the website. The authenticity of the document was confirmed via Gov.uk website.

As mentioned above, T-BitBot offers the single investment plan: 110% after 15 banking days (principal back). You can make a deposit in automatic mode at any time convenient for you. You only have to instal telegram messenger, click the Start button and select your preferred message language before initiating a chat session. In exactly 15 banking days, you automatically receive your deposit with interest to the account from which the funds were taken. The withdrawals are processed automatically, at once after the maturity date.

hyip-scams - T-BitBot Review

T-BitBot has a single-tier affiliate program with 10% rewards of referrals profit. For example, if your referral gets the return of $110 by placing $100, your affiliate commission will be 1%. As it can be seen, the affiliate program does not create significant financial hardship for HYIP and protects the project from premature depletion.

The program works with the most popular and reliable HYIP payment providers — PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, PAYEER, and AdvCash. All withdrawals are processed instantly: you will receive your funds as soon as you hit the “withdraw” button.

T-BitBot is new mid-term Telegram-operated HYIP which can be considered as profitable investment project with low investment risks. Low-interest tariff plan (in fact, 10% after 3 weeks) coupled with the absence of financial pressure from the affiliate program, as well as multilingualism, a key factor for reaching wider audiences, allow to count on the long work of the project, which has just started its operating.

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