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Bitpetite (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Bitpetite (SCAM) Review

Bitpetite is a new cryptocurrency-operated HYIP which commenced its operation on May 30. The program offers two tariff plans with the yield 147% and 180% for 6 and 9 weeks respectively. Besides profitable investment offer, the project has a high-quality website, good technical part, proper promotion, which make the project attractive for investors in its category.

hyip-scams - Bitpetite (SCAM) Review

On Bitpetite website you’ll find everything you need to invest in the HYIP and receive the affiliate reward. The website design deserves 5 of 5 stars. A special thanks to the webmaster for live support, easy to use profit calculator, an extensive FAQ section giving tips to help you make the most of your investment, social media accounts, Skype and Telegram chats. The website is currently available only in English.

hyip-scams - Bitpetite (SCAM) ReviewAs mentioned above, the program offers two investment plans with different term and the yield:

  1. 147% after 42 days (4,5% daily on work and 1% on weekends), principal included payouts
  2. 180% after 63 days (3,6% daily on work and 1% on weekends), principal included payouts

In both cases minimum deposit amount is 0.005 BTC / 0.035 ETH ($10).  Relatively long investment term may discourage some investors who prefer fast profit. But on the other hand, daily principal payments allow reaching a break-even point much earlier than a deposit maturity date: on the 29th or the 35th day after depositing in the first or second tariff plan respectively.

All deposits and payments are made in Bitcoin. Freeze the current bitcoin exchange rate for the term of the deposit and receive your returns in dollars. Withdrawals are made immediately upon request.

hyip-scams - Bitpetite (SCAM) Review

Bitpetite works with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Important feature of the program is that you can invest BTC/ETH with or without conversion to USD. The conversion makes the BTC/USD rate at the moment of deposit fixed for the term of deposit.

For instance, you invest BTC at 4.5% per day without conversion to USD. For each 1 BTC you invest for 6 weeks, you will receive 0.045 BTC a weekday. Your weekly earnings will be 0.245 BTC (5 weekdays at 4.5% and 2 weekend days at 1%).

On the other hand, if you invest BTC at 4.5% per day with conversation to USD at the current exchange rate (let’s say 1 BTC = 950 USD), you will receive $42.75 a weekday for each 1 BTC you invest for 6 weeks. Your weekly earnings will be $232.75 (5 weekdays at 4.5% and 2 weekend days at 1%). The payback period will be 4 weeks. Your earnings will be calculated in USD at the same exchange rate as at the time of the deposit. At the time of withdrawal, your earnings will be converted to BTC at the exchange rate current for the moment of payout.

hyip-scams - Bitpetite (SCAM) Review

In addition to the profitable tariff plans the project offers a 3-tier Affiliate Program with 10%-5%-2% reward. Referral link can be found in your account after the registration procedure. Affiliate commission can be requested to withdraw instantly after its accrual. There is also a 3-tier Representative Program with up to 12% reward.

Domain and Technical details of Bitpetite website are quite credible. A good hosting server, SSL certificate, DDoS protection are important indicators of reliability of the HYIP. The domain registration ends on June 14, 2018.

Bitpetite is a well-done cryptocurrency-operated HYIP which certainly deserves a lot of attention and can be considered as profitable investment project. With the right approach to HYIP investing, correct calculation of when to enter and exit the project, you may earn a good profit. Relatively long investment term may discourage some investors who prefer fast profit. But on the other hand, daily principal payments allow reaching a break-even point much earlier than a deposit maturity date.

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  1. admin

    It is a SCAM. Do your research better, please.
    Just try to look up their claimed address on Google Maps…. 9 Philip Road, Bury Saint Edmunds, United Kingdom, IP32 6DH. It is a small bungalow house in bad condition.
    If you invest…. do they tell you what they invest in, how they make money. No.
    Besides pages not working or with obvious mistakes in some links. You do not give a car with flat tire a rating of 4.5!

    • admin

      they do say how they earn even the way they earn are are transparent as thier tumbler runs in front of us

  2. admin

  3. admin

    It’s great! I’m getting 450 USD a day back..!!!

  4. admin

    I can’t see how it isn’t a scam. The yields are just too high. I treated this like a casino and put in what I was willing to lose for the chance of a nice profit, but I am certain this isn’t sustainable. My guess is they are paying us with new investments and once the overall investments slow, they shut down and disappear. You would think this website would understand a ponzi scheme

    • admin

      The yields are in line with other sides of simular risk, 4.5% may look high but that includes the principal, the profit is around 1.12% daily what should be sustainable for at least a while, they are more likely to be closed because of being involved in money laundering then for running out of money, especially with the relative short plans and lack of direct compounding option.

  5. admin

    Yeah, dunno what the first dude is talking about. This is the easiest way to collect daily payouts. I withdraw once in the morning, and once every night.

    Got BTC, ETH, and LTC all running smoothly. Broke even in like 20 days. Well worth trying

  6. admin

    Error 100 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED) when loading URL

  7. admin

    BTC payments pending today…. the beginning of the end??

  8. admin

    Hi, To be frankly, no one can tell upfront if it is scam or not unless it happens. I also had same question but if we wait for answer, we might miss the opportunity. So I have done below,

    Rather than waiting, I have invested the amount I can afford to loose in bitpetite .
    After researching and reading a lot about bitpetite, not 100% sure but I can think bitpetite will run at least next 6–8 months considering its popularity and day by day increasing number of users.
    If they run it longer, they will get more benefit than users. It can be billion dollar company like bitconnect now.
    Considering high risk, I am doing below,

    Invest amount that you can afford loose. (Example – 100$)
    First few weeks, target to withdraw your invested capital $100. Without reinvesting.
    Once you get your capital, even though site goes down, you won’t be loosing anything.
    If site continues to run as expected you will get more profit each hour/day.
    Continue reinvesting that amount.
    Try to get more referral.
    Study compounding and try to come up with different ideas that can increase your daily/weekly profit.
    This is what I am doing.

    Disclaimer: It is not investment advice, it is my personal opinion.

  9. admin

    I just invested 5 LTC which is 302$ and i am learning 12,50$ for day, the site works great, could be a SCAM OR A PONZI, but for now its working. I can Wait 4 weeks



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