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Chain.Group (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Chain.Group (SCAM) Review

Hello Everyone!
Today we have some special review, that’s not common HYIP, but Escrow Service. What is that?

hyip-scams - Chain.Group (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Chain.Group (SCAM) Review

Chain Group Service is an Escrow Service, that promotes 3-rd party projects. They also have their own investment offer, which is called Trade Group. They offer 500-day deposit with 0.2% daily interest. If you don’t find this offer attractive – you are free to chose any of 5 more projects with much higher ROI and different conditions.
All other offers are from third-parties, independent Trade Groups. They are serviced by Chain Group Escrow Service, but Chain Group Escrow Service does not own or manage these Trade Groups.
Here is a list of offers you can find on their website. I will not spend much paper and pencils, just give you snapshots:

hyip-scams - Chain.Group (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Chain.Group (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Chain.Group (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Chain.Group (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Chain.Group (SCAM) Review


What payment methods do you use? They accept almost all of them:

hyip-scams - Chain.Group (SCAM) Review


Chain Group Service also has affiliate program. It’s 1-level, and offers 5% from each deposit, made by your referral. This amount is available immediately, and you can reinvest or withdraw it instantly.


As to security – they offer Two Factor Authentication, to protect customers and their money. They also use SSL connection and anti-DDoS system. But what has taken my attention – is Stabilization Fund. That’s really interesting thing, you should devote few minutes to read about that at FAQ section.

As a result – if you read our articles carefully, when we explain that you need to invest into different projects – here is all in one solution. Good service, stable website, Stabilization Fund, 5 programs to chose, nice referral program.

Chain Group Service is a good project to put your money it. Good Luck

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  1. admin

    I like Chain Group but no instant withdrawal, you have to make a withdrawal request to receive funds.

  2. admin

    “here is all in one solution” – that is why I like Chain Group ! Hope we will do good income with them and waiting for new investments offers!! Thanks for review by the way.

  3. admin

    Unconditionally Сhain Group is fundamentally different from other proposals on the market. In fact, this is an investment social network, or at least they have all the makings to become it.

    And yet, the investment in the groups that are presented on the service are still risky. 2-3% daily profit still looks unreal to me.

    Personally, I preferred to invest directly to the Chain Group offer (0.2% daily + principal refund) and T.G. Thomas.

  4. admin

    We try to write some articles to explain our vision on investing to HYIPs. When you should enter, what percent of your investments and what period you should chose. This project is attractive because it’s something new, and it should not be short-time.
    What articles do you want to see? what should we change in our content?

  5. admin

    No this group has scammed.

  6. admin

    coming scam !!!

  7. admin

    Fucken mother Fulkerson scam websites

  8. admin

    Can I get back my invested money????


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