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Crypto Asset (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Crypto Asset (SCAM) Review

Crypto Asset Limited. Website. Really good website. Everything is working as should. Pleasant view and a great first impression. Let’s look into it.

Company was registered on May 25, 2017. Just formality, but what do you think of it?

hyip-scams - Crypto Asset (SCAM) Review

This project’s main activity is trading on the cryptocurrency markets. As of today – it’s really huge opportunity to get fast income, along with a risk of loss, but all statistics say that bullish trend doesn’t think to stop. So, if their traders will not mix up with ‘Buy’/’Sell’ buttons, they will get profit anyway. Why not to join?

hyip-scams - Crypto Asset (SCAM) Review

As we can see, Crypto Asset Limited offers 3 investment plans: Short, Medium and Profitable. They differ only in period. One interesting thing – you can step into Profitable plan with $10 only.
Currencies accepted are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money, Advanced Cash and Payeer. That’s pretty good, but keep in mind that all cryptocurrencies need some time to be confirmed. All other are immediate. So register, deposit, but do everything with calm head.

hyip-scams - Crypto Asset (SCAM) Review

Affiliate program is also an interesting story. 4-level referral program. Sounds interesting, nevertheless, I saw no one who got income from 4-th level. Do you know? Write in comments..
Working with Crypto Assets, you can earn money without deposits, and also get bonus as most active partner. Official maximum for referral activity is 9%, but you can surely get more.

hyip-scams - Crypto Asset (SCAM) Review

As to security – SSL Connection, Anti-DDoS hosting, and Telegram Chat will give you sense of comfort. Everything is well-done and professionally.

So, what can I say about Crypto Assets Limited. Time, I devoted to this project was not lost. This project looks nice to me. First of all – good website. No lags, everything is smooth. I didn’t see live chat, but telegram chat is solving that problem. After first pay-outs, I will invest a bit of my personal funds there too.

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