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The Hive Eco Company (SCAM)Review

hyip-scams - The Hive Eco Company (SCAM)Review

OK, so today is September 4.
I went into this website, and for a moment – forgot what I was thinking about. I was thinking about forex, charts, crypto, but I saw – Bees.

hyip-scams - The Hive Eco Company (SCAM)Review

hyip-scams - The Hive Eco Company (SCAM)Review

The Hive Eco Company has very interesting and unusual website. Whole website style doesn’t look like investment, it looks like you have accessed the upper shelf, and discovered honey. Big honey warehouse. Let’s look at the stickers)

We see bee investment company. They do beekeeping. They do it naturally. They have their own way… Eco… what else do you need? In the world where all food is a subject for doubt, production of ecological natural food is business that will not close.
You can also improve your knowledge about beekeeping and get some wiki stuff.

hyip-scams - The Hive Eco Company (SCAM)Review

The Hive Eco Company has 5 investment plans. We see mid-term tariffs with rather good ROI. If you want to invest money less than 3 weeks – sorry, that’s not your case. Minimal investment period is 22 days, but minimal amount is $10. You can start investing and gaining profit even with a cost of menu in McDonalds.
All plans have unique name: Clover, Rosemary, Wild Flower, Lavender and Manuka.
You can also calculate your profits with Calculator which goes after plans.

hyip-scams - The Hive Eco Company (SCAM)Review

Affiliate program is also very interesting. There are 2 ways to work with The Hive Eco Company as a partner. They have 1 standard referral program, but with high 1-st level rate. Program has 3 stages, and is 7%-2%-1%. You can start earning without deposit, so it’s free opportunity to get some $$$.

Another program they have is Hiver affiliate program which gives you …. 11% of your direct referrals deposits. Awesome, what do you say? To be honest, I don’t remember such conditions for a long time, especially from mid-term project.
What do you need to do? You just need to have at least 50 active affiliates, and your status will be changed automatically. Your status, reputation, and, of cource, income.

This project accepts Perfect Money, Advanced Cash, Payeer, Bitcoin, Nix-Money, Payza and Yandex.Money.
BTW, I’ve read FAQ, you should do that too. Not so many projects devote time to this page.

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