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The HYIP Life Cycle

- The HYIP Life Cycle

Hello dear friends,

Autumn came, we had the hottest summer on our planet, and we are waiting for new projects and investment opportunities. Another financial cycle begins, and I want to share some info with you.

The HYIP Life Cycle

The HYIP program, as well as many other projects, goes through several different stages. The HYIP life cycle:

* Start-up phase is also known as the “initial phase”.

At this point, the HYIP administrator loses money because he does not have any revenue yet. During this phase, the program must invest a lot of money: if everything is done legally, then costs are needed for registering the company or a legal entity, purchasing a domain name, creating a site, installing the security system of the site (DDoS, HTTPS, SSL, dedicated server), paying money to be listed on the monitoring site, advertising the monitoring site and forums, etc.

- The HYIP Life Cycle

*Growth phase, also known as “expansion stage”.

It is, in fact, the true beginning of the HYIP program. At this stage, there appear the first investors, and they can also recommend the HYIP to others. Gradually, the program goes into profit. That is a very important step that will determine the program life cycle.

Be careful when during the growth phase you can see that HYIP administrator uses a free domain name, free web hosting, cheap standard scripts or copied (stolen) scripts. Also, if he advertises a little, and his site is placed only on couple of monitoring websites or only on cheap sites, which means that the HYIP administrator does not want to invest, but simply disappear as quickly as possible with all the Investors’ money. Consequently, such programs do not exist for a long time.

- The HYIP Life Cycle


However, when you see that the HYIP administrator has put neither effort nor money into the project at an early stage, it means, the growth phase is the best time to enter the project. It’s no secret that the fist investors will have the best chance to return their investments with interest only if they come out on time.

If the HYIP offers and affiliate program, you can earn additional income as a referral, especially if you are among the first.


Important Advice: Carefully analyze the HYIP work at this stage. If the administrator of the program, for example, invests more in advertising or in additional security on the site, it is a very good sign of the HYIP stability!

Naturally, there should be no problem with payments at this phase. Therefore, study in detail forums and monitoring sites, will give a description of a particular HYIP. Of course, you should not forget about it while you are dealing with this program!

Guys, will continue in few days.

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