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BitcoinInvestClub (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - BitcoinInvestClub (SCAM) Review

Bitcoininvestclub is brand new mid-term HYIP, started on August 5, 2017 offers customers really wide range of investment options, along with high-quality website, well-configured scripts, security options, and good assortment of payent options.
The project website has company information, with certificate of incorporation attached, DDoS protection wich ensures customers website will be working perfectly all the time, SSL connection, that protects client information and licensed script, that will avoid future problems with safety and stability.

hyip-scams - BitcoinInvestClub (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - BitcoinInvestClub (SCAM) Review

BitcoinInvestClub has well-done affiliate system that allows to earn up to 5% from direct referral deposits, nice-looking calculator and 24/7 customer support. Also intuitive FAQ section will answer all questions of novice on HYIP market.

The project declares main activity as cryptocurrency trading. Company purchases and sells cryptocurrency, gaining income for customers and minimizing risks. Along with massive advertising campaign, it allows them to offer next investment plans:

hyip-scams - BitcoinInvestClub (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - BitcoinInvestClub (SCAM) Review

As you can notice, there are 8 investment plans available for you. You can choose any, deposit funds via Payeer, PM, Advanced Cash, BTC, LTC instantly and start receiving income. All operations, such as deposits and withdrawals are processed instantly

hyip-scams - BitcoinInvestClub (SCAM) Review

In order to calculate future profit, you can use nice-looking web-based calculator. It will help you to choose appropriate plan and period, depending on your needs.

hyip-scams - BitcoinInvestClub (SCAM) Review

BitcoinInvestClub has interesting affiliate program. You can advertise this project using your referral link, and get additional income from your referrals deposits. System has 1-level affiliate system, which gives you 5% of referral bonus. Deposit is not necessary to start your affiliate career.

Our recommendation is – YES. You should start investing into this HYIP as soon as possible to have your capital grown. This is a good project to invest in the end of Summer 2017, nice, comfortable and respective

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  1. admin

    Enjoy good profit on my investments
    +0.2852965 BTC
    +$1295.42 USD Bitcoin address
    Transaction confirmed 15 confirmations
    02:21 AM — September 04, 2017 Complete

  2. admin

    Wonderful experience!
    1.06733059 bitcoin has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account
    Transaction batch is 1b2ef68c8217850aac5f497f5ccf50254a9874ad955d25da8993c3a6418013e4.

  3. admin

    Satisfactory Experience
    0.26112208 BTC ($1204.93)
    2017-09-08 04:28:03

  4. admin

    Best experience to date. A million likes!!!
    +0.38719282 BTC
    +$1605.46 USD Bitcoin address
    Transaction confirmed 5 confirmations
    05:12 AM — September 10, 2017 Complete

  5. admin

    A fast-growing program
    0.06795758 bitcoin has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account

    Transaction batch is a262d7f7f9182d5743d557b47bbe8a8d3e4fea11822105d457f64d6851d61a6c.

  6. admin

    Hands down
    +0.0090546 BTC
    +$34.27 USD Bitcoin address
    Transaction confirmed 5 confirmations
    03:39 AM — September 16, 2017 Complete

  7. admin


    $10800.00 has been successfully sent to your Perfectmoney account.
    Transaction batch is 188597331.

  8. admin

    Thank you for the excellent experience 🙂

    $19500.00 has been successfully sent to your Payeer account.
    Transaction batch is 403075240.

  9. admin

    Transaction: a9f2213be88e89a1b3edd1c18c99980bd0b71553d908601db738ebb0fef18a25
    Payment system: Bitcoin (BTC)
    Amount: 0.12880918 BTC = 481.77 USD
    Withdraw to: 1DhqrJfoBaQU4BqPKx5tdtX84gBwxZEbS3
    Date: 2017-09-22 04:14:58

  10. admin

    + 2430.00 $
    Date: 22.09.2017 04:33:46
    ID: 403459645
    Details: P65830625 → P***
    Amount: 2430.00 $
    Comment: Withdraw from BITCOIN INVEST CLUB LTD

  11. admin

    The best of the best. Recommended.
    + 18720.00 $
    Date: 23.09.2017 02:33:11
    ID: 403834193
    Details: P65830625 [email protected][email protected]
    Amount: 18720.00 $
    Comment: Withdraw from BITCOIN INVEST CLUB LTD

  12. admin

    Anyone invested and got paid for VIP PLAN 8 days?

    • admin

      Yep – I have.

      Smart man. Best ROI per day. 😉

  13. admin

    Absolutely First Class!
    2017-09-26 04:11:44
    0.07615 BTC/$ 298.32

  14. admin

    Once again quickly paid
    9.028476 BTC ($25621.31)
    2017-09-27 05:11:41
    Hash: 32b25d5d0f3b468e0c06cc64ee0de2653bae5992c41dfb45122633e6849c1b20

  15. admin

    WOW… Simply unreal how easy this is… Consistent payouts

  16. admin

    AMAZING – fast and well complete every time!
    Transaction: 290d11c94fa317d3257582f357f70fd858a775121c2dfd65a0b22883a0f4a9b3
    Payment system: Bitcoin (BTC)
    Amount: 18.30307635 BTC = 74414.09 USD
    Withdraw to: 1LWrkmFn2S1VDA8ompSRfWS5S8tXcm43jK
    Date: 2017-09-29 04:28:00

  17. admin

    Have they given your funds

  18. admin

    i have just deposited to BITCOIN INVEST CLUB LTD. I hope i get to testify like all of you guys. Happy investing.

  19. admin

    SCAM Not PAying!

  20. admin

    Not paying at all.

  21. admin

    Very Quick and Very Efficient
    4.24770046 bitcoin has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account 1Fc4XF1NVu6QA7rDrmN8Gije79DRJcbrmv.
    Transaction batch is 983361b27c1453b7a4723f5cdc756734fe4db78e62c4b0255531a8edb934d499.

  22. admin

    Anyone try vip plan & been paid?

  23. admin

    This program is no longer paying out myself along with about 6 people have been waiting for payments for the past 2 weeks.

  24. admin

    requested for payout for $165 for 3 weeks now i havent been paid


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