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Dast Pay (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Dast Pay (SCAM) Review

Good news everyone!
We have more and more reviews, more and more investment opportunities, more and more profit. Let’s look into it:

hyip-scams - Dast Pay (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Dast Pay (SCAM) Review

Dast Pay is standart Mid-Term HYIP. This project is new, only 7 days old (when Review was written), and might bring you good income in short time. The main activity of the project – Bitcoin trading. Nothing new, but profitable business, hope they do it good)

hyip-scams - Dast Pay (SCAM) Review

Dast Pay has variety of investment plans, starting from 1 day, and finishing after 100 days. Minimum investment amount is $10, maximum is $100000. You can register and invest immediately. My advice – start with short plans first, and do not invest into very long plans. 21 day is maximum, as far as I feel. I’ve chosen 7 days and 1 day plans, so it should be seen how’s it going

hyip-scams - Dast Pay (SCAM) Review

Dast Pay offers several payment methods to fund your account: Perfect Money, Payeer, Advanced Cash, Bitcoin, Skrill, Etherum, Payza, Litecoin. All of them are instant, so you will see balance immediately.

hyip-scams - Dast Pay (SCAM) Review

As to Affiliate program, Dast Pay has 1-level offer. If you recommend this project to your friends and relatives, you get 5% from their deposits. You will not get any profit from 2nd level affiliates. Your income is credited into your account immediately. Also, there is no need to invest your funds to start earning money from your downline.

As to technical details, this website has SSL connection, anti-DDoS protection, dedicated server, reliable hosting. Safety aspect seems to be fine.

Investing into this project can bring positive experience and income, so we welcome our investors.

Good Luck!

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