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Earnestic (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Earnestic (SCAM) Review

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
Let me take a second of your vaulable time, and represent our new HYIP review. Hope you enjoy it.

hyip-scams - Earnestic (SCAM) Review

Earnestic is Mid-Term HYIP with average investment options. Is it good? I think yes. Projects like this live for months, of nothing happens. Paying smaller profits allows to be on the board really for long time, so investing into such project can be a good choice for pro’s and newbies.

hyip-scams - Earnestic (SCAM) Review

Website looks fine. It definately has some problems but that doesn’t affect whole impression. As to personal feeling – I would consider it to be in portfolio, I’m sure. Lack of LiveChat can be a problem, but quick customer support ticket system should cover all needs.

hyip-scams - Earnestic (SCAM) Review

Earnestic offers 3 investment plans. All of them last for 24 days, and all of them have principal included into payments. First time I saw difference in payment term, depending on deposit amount (from 24 hours for small deposits, to 5 minutes for large depo). So, let’s look at them closer:

LitePlan – deposit amount $5-$999.99. Total return for this plan is 144%, Ref commission is 5%.
MediumPlan – deposit amount $1,000-$4,999.99. Total return for this plan is 168%, Ref commission is 6% and 1% for 2nd level
EarnesticPlan – deposit amount $5,000-… . Total return for this plan is 192%, Ref commission is 7% for direct and 2% from 2nd level partners.

hyip-scams - Earnestic (SCAM) Review

Earnestic can offer you variety of payment methods. They include Perfect Money, Advanced Cash, Bitcoin, Payeer, Litecoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash and some other CryptoCurrencies. You can make deposit immediately when you register, but remember that pay-outs can be delayed if you invest not too much) Basically, I’ve invested, whole process took 1 minute, and I’m in.


As to technical situation – I’ve no idea. Nothing was mentioned on the website, I can just state everything is working properly.

hyip-scams - Earnestic (SCAM) ReviewAttention. I have CONTEST just for you!

I’ve found one page I need assistance with. If you have any idea (funny, serious) what that might be – please, write in comment. The most funny comment will give ability to put any banner on our Banner #2 place for 2 weeks.


hyip-scams - Earnestic (SCAM) Review

Hope to read your suggestions here!)

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