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Oil Index (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Oil Index (SCAM) Review

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Welcome to our new HYIP review. Please, take a sit, relax and spend few moments to get some interesting info.

hyip-scams - Oil Index (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Oil Index (SCAM) Review

OilIndex is classic HYIP with nice design and licensed script. Grey design, well-detailed business info should inspire investor to invest a bit and see how it works. Personally, I like this design. I find it nice.

hyip-scams - Oil Index (SCAM) Review

OilIndex offers 9 (nine!) investment plans. 6 of them have minimum deposit of $10 and max of $50,000. There are 3 VIP plans, that start from $5,000. Maximum period is 35 days which is not too long for fresh HYIP project. You can deposit funds easily, as all e-currencies are processed automatically. As to withdrawals – they are manual, but should be quick and smooth.

If you want to calculate future profit, and choose investment plan – you can use online calculator. It’s very easy, and simple. Just input your investment amount, choose plan, and get final profit. You can use Perfect Money, Advanced Cash, Payeer and Bitcoin systems to make deposit now. Good luck!

hyip-scams - Oil Index (SCAM) Review

As to affiliate program, OilIndex offers 1-level Referral system with 4% commission from each affiliate deposit. That is not too much, but if you noticed, all plans are short, and satisfied affiliates will re-invest and re-invest, your profits will be raising from day to day. And, yes, you can start promoting this project without making deposit yourself. Project team also provides you with all promotional material including info, links and banners.

As to security, there is not enough information on the website, but according to my experience, everything should be fine. SSL connection, anti-DDoS servers, reliable hosting should encourage you to participate in this project.
To make long story short – this project worth your time. I see no disadvantages, no restrictions. Use your head, keep calm and invest. Do not forget to read our articles about investing, we try to give you more info there.

Scroll down please, you will see green button “Visit website. (Paying)”. Click on it, register with OilIndex.biz and get your profit.

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