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Wide Construction (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Wide Construction (SCAM) Review

Hello boys and girls. I hope you have splendid weekend. Let me add some positive information:

hyip-scams - Wide Construction (SCAM) Review

Wide Construction is new Mid-Term HYIP. You will be surprised, but they do not trade cryptocurrency. They do not buy and sell Bitcoin, Etherum and other cryptocurrencies. Their legend is different. They work in construction area, providing design, architecture, building and consulting services. This is totally different from what we hear nowadays. And this might work.

hyip-scams - Wide Construction (SCAM) Review

Website seems to be good. Construction should be profitable market anytime, especially with falling economy in some countries. All information there is correct, but I found no legal company info. I tried for few times – no result. But all other data, as to main activity, team, conditions – is very well-described. Terms of Use is also well-described. Total impression from the website – GOOD.

hyip-scams - Wide Construction (SCAM) Review

Wide Construction offers 4 investment plans. Only difference is investment amount, you start from $20 for 8%/day profit, and finish with $25,000 with 11%/day. Principal is included into payments, so you will receive body of your investment sooner. Good terms.
You can use Perfect Money, Advanced Cash, Bitcoin and Payeer systems to invest your funds into the project.
One thing that was a problem to me personally – fixed USD/BTC rate. It is $4000. My personal advice, I hope admin will not be upset, if you have bitcoin – you can change it to any of Electronic Payment System, and invest. You will have more $$$ for your BTC anyway.

hyip-scams - Wide Construction (SCAM) Review

If you want to calculate future profit – please, use online calculator – just input your investment amount, and you will see how much you can get from it.

hyip-scams - Wide Construction (SCAM) Review

As to technical and security information of Wide Construction – I didn’t find any specific information, but SSL connection is on its place, website works smoothly – hosting is good, domain is safe. I’m sure anti-DDoS system is working too.

Wide Construction offers way to get profit not from investing, but from Referral program. It has 2 levels, and requires no deposit to start. You will get from 5% to 8% from your direct affiliates, and 1% from second level. Don’t forget to give your referral link to your friends and relatives, you will get additional profit from cooperation

What can I say – let’s put a bit here. I’m sure there would be profit. We invest our funds, and I think you can join our investors club.

Good luck in your investments!

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