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Bit-Waves (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Bit-Waves (SCAM) Review

Hola Amigos.
How are you today? Sunday gave us new review, let me share it with you:

hyip-scams - Bit-Waves (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Bit-Waves (SCAM) Review

Bit-Waves is new HYIP, that offers 2 investment plans with daily and hourly pay-outs.
According to the legend, company does business in two markets – crypotrading and forex trading. That allows them to get constant cashflow, and choose the best moment for trading. We’ll hope they are pro’s.

hyip-scams - Bit-Waves (SCAM) Review

The website is OK, everything works OK, there are no bugs or errors. Programming is good, design is good. Total website impression is GOOD. I’ve spent few hours examining it, found it really good.

hyip-scams - Bit-Waves (SCAM) Review

Bit-Waves offers only 2 investment plans – hourly and daily pay-outs. You can start earning immediately, using major payment systems, that will be listed later. All plans have principal included, instant withdrawals, BUT, Starter plan with daily profit has $25 of minimum deposit, Perfect plan has $200 of minimum deposit, that is a bit strange, as far as I understand.

hyip-scams - Bit-Waves (SCAM) Review

Bit-Waves accepts all major online payment methods – fiat and crypto funds. They accept Perfect Money, Payeer, Advanced Cash, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Don’t forget, crypto needs few confirmations to be finished, so it will take a bit of time to reach your account. As I mentioned before, minimum investment is $25 and $200 for investment plans offered.

hyip-scams - Bit-Waves (SCAM) Review

Bit-Waves offers interesting Affiliate program. It has 3 levels, and offers 6% from direct partners deposits, 2% from second level and 1% from thirs level referrals. You can start earning money by advertising this project without having any active deposit yourself. Payouts are immediate, there are no limits as to advertising

hyip-scams - Bit-Waves (SCAM) Review

All technical information is a bit mysterious, but is OK. Website is secured and uses reliable hosting. Domain details are OK. If you have any questions or conserns – live chat operators will help you with all problems.

What summary can I give – let’s try this project. I think it won’t disappoint us in nearest future.

Thanks for your time, good luck, my dear investors

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