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Etalon Trade (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Etalon Trade (SCAM) Review

We have another Forex-trading HYIP. Another nice website, with many investment plans, major currencies accepted and good legend. Come here, sit down, I will show you something…

hyip-scams - Etalon Trade (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Etalon Trade (SCAM) Review

Etalon Trade is not very fresh, but attractive HYIP. Company concentrates on Forex Trading, according to their website, they have professional team and working trading strategies. I guess that might me true, but let’s see what they offer, not what they say.
They say your investments will be used for Forex trading, and they offer wide range of plans you may choose from.

hyip-scams - Etalon Trade (SCAM) Review

You can start investing from $10 to $100’000. Investment period varies from 1 to 50 days. I recommend to invest 50% to ‘After 5 days’ and 50% to ‘After 15 days’ plans. That would be secure. Remember all fiat deposits appear immediately, all crypto – after confirmations.

Etalon Trade also has nice online investment calculator, that helps you to check future profit with one click. Looks nice, works fine.

hyip-scams - Etalon Trade (SCAM) Review

If you are ready to invest – use Perfect Money, Advanced Cash, Payeer or Bitcoin. Don’t forget about BTC conirmations, and note transactio fee increased.

As to Partner program, Etalon Trade has only one level of affiliate program, and they offer 5% from direct partners deposits. From one side – sad to see only one level, from another – I don’t know who gets much profits from 2 and 3rd level of affiliate structure. Again and again, you do not need to make investment if you want to get income from referral program.

hyip-scams - Etalon Trade (SCAM) Review

Summary – this project worth your attention. Our mark for this HYIP – 4 from 5.
What do you think of it?
Please, write your thoughts.

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  1. admin

    ***Just Received Withdrawal***
    The amount of 20161.26 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account.
    Accounts: U16170835->U….uu>

  2. admin

    This company is a scam, their proposed percentages aren’t accurate as you can see from their online calculator, the guy responsbile for customer care was very confused about them too, i am not going to invenst in them, if they cannot explain what they offer

  3. admin

    thanks for the advice. would follow.

  4. admin

    pls guys don’t invest longer than 3-5days cause you don’t receive payment till the end of your deposit plan. i am new to hyip so i have fallen for it for freaking 50days. but ofcourse admin here which i respect alot and went against his advice, didnt mention this in his review.

  5. admin

    I insanely appreciate the whole thing you do.

  6. admin

    Still waiting for $625 worth of BTC from Dec. 22nd. I was successful for $15 and $5 weeks prior.

  7. admin

    Scam …. just pending …. scam …

  8. admin

    Very fake don`t invest 🙁

  9. admin

    These son of a bitch he did not pay me! Let them go to hell, and roast!


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