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Infinite Alliance Limited (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Infinite Alliance Limited (SCAM) Review

Hey there, thanks for reading my reviews again and again. Wednesday, we are ready for new portion of useful information and recomendations. So, here we go:

hyip-scams - Infinite Alliance Limited (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Infinite Alliance Limited (SCAM) Review

Infinite Alliance Limited is legally registered company, based in UK, formed in August 2017. The main activity of the company is Forex trading, and according to the legend, this company is very successful in that. They show constant growth, exact and stable pay-outs. I have no idea where traders are located, but that means nothing. You can successfuly trade from all over the world today.

I found website very attractive. Everything was working, there were no bugs, no errors. All functions are working perfectly. I put 5 from 5 for the website.

hyip-scams - Infinite Alliance Limited (SCAM) Review

Infinite Alliance Limited offers 8 different investment plans. They all have principal returned in pay-outs, but have different period and investment amount. You can start from $10 to $100’000. All plans are ‘After’ type, that means you will need to wait until investment term ends

hyip-scams - Infinite Alliance Limited (SCAM) Review

For your comfort, you can use investment calculator that gives you exact profit, term, ROI. That’s fine.

Infinite Alliance Limited accepts all major payment methods, such as Perfect Money, Payeer, Advanced Cash, Bitcoin. Remember, Bitcoin needs 3 confirmation to become ‘done’, all others are immediate.

hyip-scams - Infinite Alliance Limited (SCAM) Review

Infinite Alliance Limited offers 1-level Affiliate program with just 3% of bonus from first level partners. That is really low referral commission, and 1-level is really sad, but the same time it means project will not spend too much for advertising and referral pay-outs, so much more funds will stay in turnaround. Let’s try working with this type of agent relations.

The project uses SSL-connection, anti-DDoS hosting, it also have live chat – that’s great news for all investors. You can ask all questions, they will be answered online without any delays. I’ve also checked legal information – registration certificate is OK, all payment methods are authorized. We advise to take a look at this website and invest a bit here. Satisfaction guarantee!

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  1. admin

    TOTAL SCAM!! Made investment and finished the term. Now trying to move money out of my account (withdraw) but it doesn’t work. They sent a confirmation email saying they withdrew my money but the blockchain disagrees after ample time for confirmations.

  2. admin

    total scam … im pendin along time … they didint pay my 250 dolar

  3. admin

    i pending to long 🙁 dont invest guys


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