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Renaissance Invest (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Renaissance Invest (SCAM) Review

Renaissance Invest is a mid-term HYIP with the yield 1,6-2,0% daily for 180 days. Launched in January 2017, the program passed several cycles before its recent upgrade. Renaissance Invest has a high-quality website coupled with reliable technical part, attractive mid-term investment plans, and affiliate program as well as many other advantages which will be considered in this review.

hyip-scams - Renaissance Invest (SCAM) Review

Website. On the Renaissance Invest website you’ll find everything you need to invest in the HYIP and receive the affiliate reward. The website has a simple, clean design and a clear layout. A convenient Client Area, various social media accounts, Telegram chat make the website extremely user friendly.

hyip-scams - Renaissance Invest (SCAM) Review

General Info. What is the source of the money Renaissance Invest pays? According to the website, the HYIP makes money from investing in the development of different sectors: industry, medicine, robotics and tourism. ‘We perform in-depth analysis of every new project and scrupulously evaluate any possible risks. Our team consists of financial professionals with long-term experience in financial institutions around the world,’ the website claims.

Investment Plans. Let’s now look at the investment offer. The program has three investment plans:

  • Starter: 1.60 % daily for 180 days, minimum deposit $10.
  • Regular: 1.80 % daily for 180 days, minimum deposit $100.
  • Advanced: 2.00 % daily for 180 days, minimum deposit $1000.
  • Private: Individual tariff plan. You can specify conditional terms on request.

Bear in mind that profit is not accrued on weekends and holidays, a full list of which can be found in the Personal Area in the section ‘Information’. If you make a cash withdrawal until the deposit maturity date, the HYIP will charge from 10% to 50% penalty of the principal.

hyip-scams - Renaissance Invest (SCAM) Review

Adding funds to your current deposit is not possible, however you can have as many deposits as you want, there are no restrictions. Under Renaissance Investment rules, it is forbidden to have more than one account. In the case of multi-accounting all of your available funds will be put on hold until security team decision. To calculate your return from the chosen investment plan you can use the Investment Calculator on the website.

Deposits & Withdrawals. Like many HYIPs, Renaissance Invest works with popular payment processors such as Bitcoin, OkPay or Perfect Money. You can also make bank wire transfer to your account. The company carries out the withdrawal in manual mode.

Affiliate Program. Renaissance Invest offers a three-tier affiliate program with 7%-5%-3% rewards from deposit. Where the first tier is the Investor you attracted, the second tier is the Investor attracted by the first level Investor, and the third tier is the Investor attracted by the second level Investor. Affiliate commission can be requested to withdraw instantly after its accrual.

Domain and Technical Details of the website inspire the trust and confidence.The website has SSL certificate and is well DDoS protected. Domain was registered on October 19, 2016 for a period of three year.

Customer Support. Investors can get in touch with support service via contact form or e-mail. The most meticulous users can reach the support team by sending a letter by postal service. The FAQ section is not so extensive as hoped.

Renaissance Invest is a steadily operating and continually developing HYIP that merits close attention from investors of different experience levels. The high-quality website, reliable technical part, mid-term investment plans, reasonable affiliate reward speak in favor of this project.

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    Received Payment 4.32 USD from account U13249896 to account U12******. Batch: 179132887. Memo: RI
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    Date: 09.13.2017, 16:40
    From/To Account: U13249896 (RENAISSANCE INV LTD)
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    Batch : 188104019
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