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Trading Platform IGC (PROBLEM) Review

hyip-scams - Trading Platform IGC (PROBLEM) Review

Boys and girls. Say ‘Hello!’ to Dr. Soidberg.
Middle of autumn. A lot of huge projects fell down, disappointed investors, lost money, depression.
Let’s put a hold on large investments, I can focus your attention on something small. Let’s see what we have:

hyip-scams - Trading Platform IGC (PROBLEM) Review

hyip-scams - Trading Platform IGC (PROBLEM) Review


Trading Platform IGC (TP-IGC) is typical Forex trading HYIP. Project started a week ago, and customers didn’t invest good amounts yet, but HYIP owners promote this project, we hope wave of deposits arrives very soon. So, I have one negative feedback I want to share – website is a bit weak. Everything is working fine, but we see much more informative projects, more interactive, more animated. Everything else is Good!.

hyip-scams - Trading Platform IGC (PROBLEM) Review


Trading Platform IGC (TP-IGC) offers 3 different investment plans. First is short-time, and takes 15 working days with daily payouts. Total return for first plan is up to 179%
Second plan offers you up to 350% after 40 working days
Last plan promises up to 2000% after 180 working days. Hope we all survive until this this time.

hyip-scams - Trading Platform IGC (PROBLEM) Review


As to payment systems, Trading Platform IGC (TP-IGC) uses most popular payment systems:
Perfect Money, Payeer, Advanced Cash, Bitcoin. Crypto payments take some time to be cleared, others are real-time. What else can I say about payment methods – nothing. Do not forget to change passwords for your financial institutions, hackers are very smart nowadays.

hyip-scams - Trading Platform IGC (PROBLEM) Review

Affiliate program is not bad, really not bad.
It has 3 levels, and offers 6% from direct referrals deposits. That’s not bad and you should consider it. Again, you should not have deposit to start earning from Partner Program.

I didn’t find any info about security, hosting, etc.
But I see SSL-connection, registered company, quite fast customer support answers – first stress test is passed.
What can I say – we both should try. This project didn’t fill up my favourite box, but who knows how it will change in nearest future.

Wishing you the best, write comments, tell me what do you want to read.

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