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BistInvest (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - BistInvest (SCAM) Review

Hello brothers and sisters.
We got order for another HYIP review, and that’s what I want to share with you.

hyip-scams - BistInvest (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - BistInvest (SCAM) Review

BistInvest is long-time HYIP. Long-time means minimum investment term is 30 days. Let’s try to analyze that. Mid-term projects with fast pay-outs are mostly waiting for ‘big fish’, and scam immediately. Long investment terms show us enough time for admins to complete all financial requests. So it is advantage.

Idea of BistInvest is trading. It doesn’t contain any ‘crypto’ in information, and that makes my positive mind smiling more and more. They trade indexes, shares, etc. Seeing bitcoin price falling last weeks, that’s karma +1. Information is ok, with less errors, but no legal info on site.

BistInvest offers 9 investment plans that cover all investors’ needs (except scalpers)). You can start with just $20, and maximum deposit may be $300’000. There is also nice online calculator for your comfort.

hyip-scams - BistInvest (SCAM) Review


hyip-scams - BistInvest (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - BistInvest (SCAM) Review

BistInvest also accepts payments from major payment systems, such as Payeer, Perfect Money, Advanced Cash. If you prefer to use crypto – you can use BTC for that. Remember network commission is rather high and delays eat my brains. But you can use any of them, or all of them)

As to Security information, … hm.
I’ve just watched youtube movie at the bottom of the page, everything was really nice except first screen… r u serious?
BistInvest has all important aspects to become a good mid-term project. SSL connection, reliable hosting and stable Anti-DDoS system force us to trust this project.

hyip-scams - BistInvest (SCAM) Review

As to Partner program – I can say guys are pretty greedy)
1-level system of 5% Bonus. Well, I can say if you plan to make some money from Affiliate program – prepare some more money for your traffic.

What should I say – I will keep it in my today’s portfolio. Investment was made, I’m sure that will be interesting.

Express your thoughts, drop few words plz.

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