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JSRentHouse (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - JSRentHouse (SCAM) Review

Today we have new project. It will take few moments to read this review, but will give you information for decision. So,

hyip-scams - JSRentHouse (SCAM) Review

JSRentHouse is aged HYIP. Legend says it started on December 12, 2016. Legal company was established in first half of 2017, as we can see on documents. So there are some questions as to this information. But you all know that HYIP documents is not heavy advantage. Most important is how they treat customers.

Website is ok. It has some errors, some mismatches. That can be considered as disadvantage, but, again, goal of investing into HYIP is profit. If you get profit – project is good.

hyip-scams - JSRentHouse (SCAM) Review

JSRentHouse offers 6 investment plans.Maximum investment amount into any plan is $50’000. Minimum investment is $20. I recommend to invest half of your deposit into 2.5% Lifetime plan, and half into 120% After 5 days plan.

hyip-scams - JSRentHouse (SCAM) Review

JSRentHouse also offers 1-level Partner program with 6% commission. Can’t say it’s generous, but that’s more than a lot of popular projects pay. You will not get any profit from new customers, referred by your partners. There are also nice banners in profile, that you can use to attract customers.

If you are ready to start, but don’t know what payment methods do they accept, I will help you. This project accepts Perfect Money, Advanced Cash, Payeer and Bitcoin. There is no need to have initial deposit to start referring other customers. Remember Bitcoin needs some time to be cleared on the account

hyip-scams - JSRentHouse (SCAM) Review

What can I say as a summmary, let’s try this project.
JSRentHouse can be good choice for investors who have invested into most trended HYIPs. There are questions to the website and info on it, but in general it can work.

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  1. admin

    is jsrenthouse pricipal return?

  2. admin

    Absolutely fake, there’s no way over a trillion dollars was deposited into this.

  3. admin

    lost my money


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