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Oil-TNX LTD (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Oil-TNX LTD (SCAM) Review

Happy New Year, my friends.
I wish you great year, profitable investments, strong health and just good luck.
We start this new year with our first review, let’s call it ‘First’!

hyip-scams - Oil-TNX LTD (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Oil-TNX LTD (SCAM) Review

Oil-TNX LTD is legally registered company, that deals with investments. To be honest, I didn’t find exact info where do they invest, but they invest into oil industry. We have winter, price for gas and oil is going to the sky, coal prices are going up too. This company is registered in UK, and has legal certificate available on the website.

Whole website looks very professional. I found no errors, no 404-pages, no syntax mistakes. Designers and content writers did their job perfectly. One of the most important advantages of the project is Live Chat available. This is very lucrative and useful option for all investors, as you can speak to representative 24/7.

hyip-scams - Oil-TNX LTD (SCAM) Review

Oil-TNX LTD offers multiple investment opportunities. They all have minimum of $20 and maximum of $50000 investment amount. All of them have principal included into payments. So, I want to list all these plans:

135% After 1 day

350% After 5 days

1100% After 15 days

6000% After 45 days

12000% After 69 days

Just choose your plan, click on ‘Invest Now’ and start earning money

hyip-scams - Oil-TNX LTD (SCAM) Review

If you want to calculate future profits – use online profit calculator – simple and nice website tool for investor. Input your investment amount, choose plan, and check what profit will be received in the end. Remember, principal is included into payments.

hyip-scams - Oil-TNX LTD (SCAM) Review

OIL-TNX LTD accepts multiple payment options. They accept Perfect Money, Payeer, Advanced Cash, Bitcoin. All investors, who have altcoins, such as Etherium, Litecoin, Dash, etc., you will need to exchange your altcoins for BTC at any crypto exchange service. Remember that all crypto transfers are delayed because they need confirmations, and, please, remember network fee is too high right now. If you have fiat money in any e-payment system, all transfers are immediate. They are credited into your account the same second.

hyip-scams - Oil-TNX LTD (SCAM) Review

OIL-TNX LTD offers very attractive Affiliate program. They offer 7% from your direct affiliates deposits. They do not have multi-level partner system, but direct partners bonus is very lucrative. Bonus amount is credited into your account immediately, but is credited with the payment system used by your partner. This option can be very usefull for bloggers with heavy website traffic, earnings might be quite high.

What can I say in the end of my story, this project is good. Website works perfectly, texts are very good, investment plans are interesting. Security information is fine too. Website works via SSL-Connection, domain is anti-DDoS enabled, domain is secured. My choice is – INVEST.

Please, share your thoughs here, share your results and payment proofs

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