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Stradivarius (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Stradivarius (SCAM) Review


Stradivarius started its work on January 4, 2018.Since the launch it managed to show its efficiency and the ability of fruitful cooperation with private investors. During this period the project passed three test circles, the confident promotion of the project began with considerable expenses for large advertising resources. It should be noted that a positive reputation has already been formed around the project due to the high-quality technical base and the thoughtful marketing.

hyip-scams - Stradivarius (SCAM) Review

Stradivarius project has non-standard business activity, as it offers investing in expensive musical instruments with great antique value. From the information provided on the website, it follows that Stradivarius is a British company that buys expensive musical instruments that have their own history and sells them at well-known auctions. HYIP has received unique design in accordance with its main activity.

hyip-scams - Stradivarius (SCAM) Review

Investment plans

All tariff plans in Stradivarius can be conditionally divided into two lines – tariffs with daily payments and so-called «after-plans», which assume the payment of both interest and the deposit principal at the end of the period. Thus, the investor can choose a plan in accordance with the parameters of the return rate and the available sum of money.

After-plans with a return of the deposit and profit have the following deposit amount limits: from $ 50 to $ 9999. Tariff profitability depends on the deposit amount:

  • «AFTER 1 WEEK» – the tariff assumes an investment for 7 days, the yield percentage will be from 105% to 113% for the period.
  • «AFTER 2 WEEKS» – by investing for two weeks, you will be able to earn from 125% to 140% profit along with a deposit.
  • «AFTER 3 WEEKS» – for 21 days you can get from 145% to 170%.
  • «AFTER 4 WEEKS» – the deposit will be in operation for 28 days, and upon completion of the term the investor will receive from 170% to 200% along with a deposit.

hyip-scams - Stradivarius (SCAM) Review

A tariff line with daily payments and included deposit. The amount of the investment is also should be from $ 50 to $ 9999:

  • «DAILY FOR 1 WEEK» – accruals in the amount from 14.71% to 15.71% per day for 7 days. Total – from 103% to 110%.
  • «DAILY FOR 2 WEEKS» – for 14 days the depositor will receive from 8.57% to 9.64%, which in general will bring from 120% to 135% profit.
  • «DAILY FOR 3 WEEKS» – the daily profitability of the tariff is from 6.67% to 7.62% (140-160% per term).
  • «DAILY FOR 4 WEEKS» – the least profitable daily rate tariff assumes from 5.71% to 6.79%. For 28 days the earnings of investor will be 160-190%.

hyip-scams - Stradivarius (SCAM) Review

Features of marketing

  • Investment is received through Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash.
  • The minimum deposit amount is $ 50.
  • Stradivarius provides instant withdrawal of profit.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount in the project is $ 1 and $ 25 for Bitcoin.
  • The crypto currency is converted into dollars when investing in bitcoins, the dollars are exchanged for bitcoins while withdrawing. As a result, the investor receives profit all in the same crypto currency, but the rate at the time of the investment is fixed.

Affiliate program

The administration of the Stradivarius project offers participants a partnership that will bring 10% of each deposit created by the direct referral.

Project website

  • Domain is Name.com that is valid until August 2018;
  • DDOS-GUARD hosting;
  • SSL certificate of data encryption from COMODO;
  • The engine from Gold Coders with a license;
  • The original design, the site has translation into four languages.

hyip-scams - Stradivarius (SCAM) Review

So, Stradivarius is a mid-income investment project, which managed to prove itself in the market on the positive side. This HYIP impresses not only with the qualitative preparation, but also with a good marketing. Moreover, after three full weeks from the start, the project managed to complete the three minimum circles and proved its efficiency. Also it’s worth mentioning the availability of short-term tariffs, which allow testing the project capabilities.

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