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Tudor Games (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Tudor Games (SCAM) Review

General information about the project

The project started on December 14, but it was not marked on major advertising resources by now. Obviously, the project administration has taken a course for smooth development, and competently built an advertising strategy. In all respects, we can evaluate Tudor Games as a project that was carefully prepared for its launch and focused on proper work.

hyip-scams - Tudor Games (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Tudor Games (SCAM) Review

According to the legend that is presented on the Tudor Games website, the company invests in the development of computer and smartphone games. It should be noted that the game industry is one of the most profitable and fairly prosperous industries of present days and can easily provide the stated profitability for project investors.

hyip-scams - Tudor Games (SCAM) Review

Investment plans

Tudor Games has working marketing, which consists of two tariffs. Both are available to investors and have their own characteristics and therefore will be of equal interest to investors. The tariffs have only one similar trait – the profit is paid on daily basis, but only on working days.

At the moment the project has strict limits – the maximum amount of investment according tariff plans is limited to $ 1000.


Under the terms of this plan investors have an opportunity to invest from $ 10 to $ 10,000 for 11 working days and receive a daily profit of 1%. The principal will be returned to the depositor at the end of the term and the profit for this period will be 11%.


This long-term plan includes principal in daily payments. Investing from $ 30 to $ 30,000, you can earn 4.4% on working days for 35 business days. A break-even point is reached in 22 working days; the total profit for the period is 54%.

hyip-scams - Tudor Games (SCAM) Review

Features of marketing

  • The project works with the following EPSs: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer. This list is open-ended – it will be expanded in the future.
  • The minimum investment amount is $ 10 and $ 30, if the contribution is made in dollars. The investment in bitcoins cannot be less than the equivalent of $ 40.
  • Withdrawal of funds in the project is manual; processing time is up to 48 hours.
  • Withdrawals are available only on working days
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 1 in dollars, in bitcoins – $ 20.
  • Bitcoin is not convertible when an investment is made.

hyip-scams - Tudor Games (SCAM) Review

Affiliate program

Each registered user, regardless having a personal deposit in Tudor Games, can attract new participants and make profit from their deposits at three levels – 5-2-1-1%.

If the partner has a deposit of $ 1000 or the structure turnover of $ 10,000, then he has the right to become a representative of the project. For this, you only need to send a request to the administration and your remuneration will increase to 8-3-2-1%. The company motivates its leaders with additional bonuses – for every $ 5,000 of structure turnover the partner will receive $ 100 -300.

Technical competence of the site

Tudor Games is well prepared on the technical side: it is immediately evident that the TG website was developed for a continuous and steady work:

  • Domain Namesilo, LLC, until April 2019;
  • Hosting Dancom Ltd;
  • Data encryption – COMODO RSA ExtendedValidation;
  • Licensed H-SCRIPT as an engine;
  • The site has a unique design and two language versions for now – English and German.

hyip-scams - Tudor Games (SCAM) Review


Other features of the project

The project offers many ways of communication and informing the users about the TG news, which shows extremely openness of administration in interaction with its investors. You can ask the project managers any question through the online form presented on the site or write an email through the feedback form. In the “CONTACTS” section you can find a huge number of links to official pages of Tudor Games project in social networks.

hyip-scams - Tudor Games (SCAM) Review


Tudor Games is an interesting investment project with an average profitability, which at the moment works in a moderate mode and builds up a reputation. Admins did everything to ensure the project a smooth start, and its marketing is aimed at long work, since, in addition to payments on working days, there are limits, which together should significantly limit the flow of funds.

Both project plans operating with a yield of 11% and 54% have optimal investment periods, thus can be considered for investment. The Tudor Games project has every chance to prove itself and show a decent result of work!

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