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Jazzle Games (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Jazzle Games (SCAM) Review

General information

Jazzle Games was launched on January 28, so it works just over a week. Its development began with large advertising resources and attracted the attention of investors as a project with high-quality technical equipment and marketing with moderate percentage. The preparation level of Jazzle Games clearly indicates that the project has an experienced administrator.

hyip-scams - Jazzle Games (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Jazzle Games (SCAM) Review

From the legend of the project it follows that it is a British company with the registration certificate No. 11019768, which is confirmed by the green line of the extended COMODO reliability check. The project itself tells that it works in the field of gambling and has the goal to build a casino in the offshore zone. Using third-party investments, which are attracted through an investment resource, the project organizers build a ready-made gambling business “on a turn-key basis”.

Investment plans

The creators of Jazzle Games have developed five tariffs for us, under which we can cooperate with the project. Not all of them are effective and affordable, so investors should be guided by the amounts available to investment and personal preferences regarding the period and profitability.

hyip-scams - Jazzle Games (SCAM) Review


Plan №1

  • Rate of return: 107% for the period
  • Deposit will be in operation: 7 days
  • The size of the investment: 10-100 $
  • Break-even: at the end of the term
  • Profit: 7%

Plan №2

  • Rate of return: 3.6% per day
  • Deposit will be in operation: 50 days
  • Size of investment: 20-5000 $
  • Break-even: on the 28th day
  • Profit: 80%

Plan №3

  • Rate of return: 1.8% per day
  • Deposit will be in operation: 40 days
  • The size of the investment: 1000-10000 $
  • Break-even: at the end of the term
  • Profit: 72%

Plan №4 (VIP)

  • Rate of return: 2% per day
  • Deposit will be in operation: 77 days
  • Size of investment: 3000-30000 $
  • Break-even: after 50 days
  • Profit: 154%

Plan №5 (VIP)

  • Rate of return: 2.2% per day
  • Deposit will be in operation: 70 days
  • The size of the investment: 10000-50000 $
  • Break-even: on the 46th day
  • Profit: 154%

Features of marketing

  • You can use for investment one of the following EPSs: AdvCash, Yandex.Money, Perfect Money, Payeer, Payza, Nixmoney, or invest in the crypto currency of Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Monero.
  • The minimum deposit starts from $ 10.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is from $ 0.1.
  • The withdrawal in the project is instant (but you need to create an application), in some cases it can be made in manual mode, the processing time is 24 hours.
  • You can create as many deposits as you want.

Partner program

Jazzle Games has two types of referral program: affiliate and representative. All registered participants become partners. In order to become a representative, you need to attract at least $ 10,000 on the first line of your structure or have a personal deposit of $ 1000.

The remuneration in the project is branched into five levels:

  • For partners – 8% -3% -2% -1% -0,5%.
  • For representatives – 12% -4% -3% -2% -1%.

hyip-scams - Jazzle Games (SCAM) Review

Please note that remuneration is paid only from direct deposits made through EPS (not re-investment). Therefore, if you are a depositor who wants to receive refback from each deposit, you must first withdraw the profit from the project, and then create a new deposit through the payment system. In addition, the test tariff plan involves the payment of partnerships from profits, and not from a deposit.

Technical competence of the site

hyip-scams - Jazzle Games (SCAM) Review

  • NameCheap, Inc domain that is valid until 15.02.2022 (for 5 years);
  • IP address186.2.161.16;
  • DDOS-GUARD LTD hosting;
  • SSL encryption COMODO RSA Extended Validation;
  • Script – licensed H-SCRIPT;
  • Original design, site in Russian and in English.


Jazzle Games is a hyip novelty with an experienced administration that can boasts of a diverse investment offer. Nevertheless, because of the high thresholds of entry for investors, about three tariffs out of five will be available, while the most active attention of investors will be given to the test plan. The administration acted very competently in relation to the test tariff – they protected it as much as possible from the cunning, preventing the washing out of funds. On the one hand, in this test tariff it will not be possible to create deposits with higher amounts because of strict limits. On the other hand, according to this plan, the partner reward is paid from the received profit and not from the deposit principal. For the reason that this tariff does not have refback, many participants will give their preference to long-term and more profitable plans, which will prolong the viability of this HYIP.

The rest tariffs are calculated for relatively long-term conditions, but they assume daily payments, which is an important nuance for most investors. Therefore, it is recommended to look at all available options and choose the best one: if Jazzle Games has already gained trust, then you can try your luck on a long-term tariff, if not – there is a test short plan by which you can check the project. Good luck in investing!

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  1. admin

    jazzle.games 100% pure scam site i invest 50$ and my referral invest 100$ 2 dyz only they pay us 53rd and 4th day thy did not send us our withdraw they are fake they send confirmation mesage through email but when i chk my perfect money account balance is 0. i advise to all users who knw about jazzle or they are new dont invest your money anymore on this fakers .

  2. admin

    I have become a Scam. I deposited just 27 dollars to give it a try and it has not given me a single payment. Do not invest in this site.


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