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ProfitMore (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - ProfitMore (SCAM) Review

General information

Profit More was launched on November 6, 2017. As of this writing, it operates for 86 days. But do not think that it is an old project that long ago exhausted its resources. Initially, Profit More worked as a partisan – it had a template look and primitive technical parameters, the promotion was very restrained, and the percentage of returns was much more modest than today. The administration of the project has earned a reputation for several months, and now the quiet working mode is fully completed. Now it is a high-quality and attractive high-yielding project.

hyip-scams - ProfitMore (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - ProfitMore (SCAM) Review

The project website is presented only in the English version, which caused assumptions about the foreign origin of this investment resource. There is no objective information on this, it is known only that Profit More tells about itself. According to the company legend, the project comes from Great Britain, which is confirmed by the registration certificate. The company’s activities are focused on crypto-currency trading, Forex, as well as the mining of bitcoin and some other popular coins.

hyip-scams - ProfitMore (SCAM) Review

Investment plans

Profit More marketing is a classic of the genre – lots of projects in the past presented us similar conditions with different variations and they worked in different ways. There were very successful and even TOP HYIPs, there were frankly unsuccessful cases, but one can clearly say that the project with such conditions is capable of good work and this can already be regarded as a positive forecast.

Investors can choose one of two tariffs – an after-plan with the payment of profit and the deposit at the end of the investment period and a daily tariff offering a high interest with the included deposit.


The investment from $ 10 to $ 100,000 will be in work for 7 days. At the end of the period the depositor will receive 115%, 100%of which is the principal, and 15% – the net yield. Thus, we can state that the breakeven rate is set in a week.

Daily plan

By investing the amount in the range from $ 10 to $ 100,000, the investor will receive 8% daily for 20 days. This percentage already includes a deposit, on the 13th day there is a break-even point, and the net income for the entire term of the deposit is 60%.

hyip-scams - ProfitMore (SCAM) Review

Features of marketing

  • Deposits are accepted in dollars through Perfect Money, Payeer and AdvCash, as well as in Bitcoin.
  • The minimum investment amount is $ 10.
  • The withdrawal is processed in manual mode and can take up to 24 working hours.
  • You can create an application for withdrawal only if you have at least $ 1 on the balance account.
  • The project administration does not limit the number of deposits that an investor can open.

Affiliate program

A referral program in Profit More allows you to earn profit on deposits of involved participants even without your own investments. Inviting new users to the project through your affiliate link, you have the opportunity to earn on two levels of your structure – 10-2%.

Technical competence of the site

  • NameCheap, Inc domain until 05.10.2018;
  • IP-address (works on the dedicated server);
  • ESecurity hosting;
  • SSL-certificate COMODO with a green bar;
  • The licensed engine from Gold Coders as a script;
  • Unique design, the site has only English-language localization.

hyip-scams - ProfitMore (SCAM) Review



Profit More is a project, which managed to deserve a positive name in the high-tech industry through moderate working pace for several months. The site worked in a quiet mode, earned the audience of users and good reputation. In fact, its full-fledged work has just started. Classical marketing will accurately find a response in the investors’ community, and two tariffs will allow choosing the option that is most suitable for each specific case of portfolio diversification. It is unequivocal that the daily plan is more profitable, since it allows you to get 60% over the term, but you will have to expect a break-even twice times longer than in the short-term plan with a yield of 15% per week. Already today many investors pay their attention to Profit More. To the developers’ credit, they carefully worked the project out to present it both attractive and capable of work.

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