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hyip-scams - ALTMINER.IO (SCAM) Review


hyip-scams - ALTMINER.IO (SCAM) Review

Today we have a presentation of Altminer project review. The company was founded in 2015. Despite the fact that this project was launched just recently in March 2018, this project, as we see, has already gained a lot of participants and partners around the world. The project is based on a stable and reliable business, working with various payment systems and crypto-currencies. This service is completely anonymous, which gives full security to customers.

The site design is simple, but concise and convenient to use.

The program is designed for the fact that the investor will start earning the next day after deposit investing. And referral bonuses will necessarily replenish the deserved purse of the program partner. Let’s review the Altminer program in detail.

hyip-scams - ALTMINER.IO (SCAM) Review

General information

ALTMINER.IO was created by a team of enthusiasts in 2015. The beginning of the project was the purchase of equipment for mining in China for the production of new promising crypto-currencies, gradually increasing the capacity achieved a stable profit. Some of the coins that were mined were not traded on stock exchanges and the company sold them in exchange services and private individuals.

Over time, some exchangers began to leave applications to replenish their reserves. The stable and reliable business has been established with several large online platforms for several years, which work with various payment systems and crypto-currencies. Partner services leave an application for replenishment of their reserves during the working day, the company prepares the necessary amount and takes for the exchange its commission.

With the growing popularity of blockchain technologies and the rapid growth of the price of top coins, the number of participants in the crypto community is growing day by day, daily partners order the necessary amount of electronic currency reserves for performing exchange operations and replenishing cash limits, which is why the company decided to launch its own online service for all comers , where each participant can open a deposit from a convenient payment system and receive a stable profit.

Main characteristics of the project:

Registered: March,19, 2015

Project type: high income

The minimum payment is from $20

Deposit term – unlimited

Interest charges: every 6 hours

Currency: PerfectMoney , Payeer , BitCoin , AdvCash, Litecoin, NIX money, Ethereum

Already on the first page, we see the main business plan and schedule of daily interest calculation. Validity is unlimited. Payment type-interest automatically, the main deposit is displayed by the administrator within 24 hours. There is a profitable affiliate program for 7 and 10% of the participants’ deposits, which will make it possible to replenish your capital profitably.

In the right corner there is a calculator, it is also very convenient for calculating your deposits and payments.

As we see, one deposit is suggested. And you can withdraw interest immediately after 24 hours, interest is accrued automatically every 6 hours. The tariff plan of the table shows the current schedule of daily interest income from Monday to Sunday from 3-9%. The commission for withdrawal of the deposit is changed daily. Therefore, it is important to carefully follow the latest updates on the site.


hyip-scams - ALTMINER.IO (SCAM) Review

Deposit term:

unlimited, the withdrawal of the main deposit is possible 24 hours after the opening of the deposit.

Payment method:

interest automatically, the main deposit is displayed by the administrator within 24 hours.


Monday-3% (0.75% every 6 hours) ;


Tuesday-4% ( 1% every 6 hours) ;


Wednesday-5% ( 1.25% every 6 hours) ;


Thursday-6% (1.5% every 6 hours) ;


Friday-7% (1.75% every 6 hours) ;


Saturday-8% (2% every 6 hours) ;


Sunday-9% (2.25% every 6 hours).

Minimum deposit:

20 USD / 1000 RUB / 0.005 BTC / 0.3LTC / 0.05ETH

Maximum deposit: no limits

Commission for withdrawal of the deposit: 10-25%.

hyip-scams - ALTMINER.IO (SCAM) Review

The partnership program:

7% of deposits of 1 participant line and 10% of all accruals on deposits of 1 participant line.

Inviting new participants to the program, you are invited to accrue well-deserved referral bonuses from 7-10%.

How to start

1 Register an account and log in.

2 Fill out the billing information for payments.

3 Open the deposit, select the payment system, enter the balance of the deposit, click the button create a deposit.

4 The withdrawal of interest on the deposit will be automatically on your payment details.

If you have any questions, you can easily contact support team.

hyip-scams - ALTMINER.IO (SCAM) Review

To the conclusion

Financial service ALTTMINER offers a highly profitable unlimited investment offer. In this case, the withdrawal of the main deposit is possible after 24 hours from the moment of opening the deposit. Various payment systems are possible. After creating a deposit, the profit will be received automatically every 6 hours, you can withdraw the main deposit at any time. It is very convenient.

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  1. admin

    NO this company is NOT PAYING I have made multiple requests and NOTHING ZERO

  2. admin

    This company is NOT PAYING OUT- I have tried multiple times- the withdraw button on my account page doesn’t even work! I have sent many messages via their website contact box and my own email account and not even a AUTO-Reply back

  3. admin

    Website closed as of this morning with “Game Closed”. Total insult and a total scam!!

  4. admin

    It shut down after 2 weeks and some days. Really bad one, not even online a month

  5. admin

    the site is effectively offline now you just prompted for a username and password in a pop up box that says Game Over

  6. admin

    The username password request is now gone, but still loads a blank page


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