hyip-scams - BIT-RELIABILITY (SCAM) Review

BIT-RELIABILITY is a finance project, wich is based on legal company, registered in the UK providing its investment services to the members all around the world.

hyip-scams - BIT-RELIABILITY (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - BIT-RELIABILITY (SCAM) Review

Bit-Reliability was one of the first companies on the international market to pay attention to the prospects of crypto currency. During the years of investment activity of the company in this financial sector, risks have decreased from a high (venture) level to the lowest possible values, close to zero. Even the very first projects, developed with the help of Bit-Reliability investments, still bring a solid profit after years. As a result of the past year, the average ROI ratio on new investment sites was 570%: the minimum indicator of profitability was 290%; the maximum is 912%. The crypto-currency niche is only one of the directions of the investment activity of Bit-Reliability, but it can rightly be considered the main one in terms of turnover volumes and the size of the profits it brings. To work in this direction the best forces are thrown: the expert teams constantly monitor the crypto-currency market, evaluate start-ups and already gained popularity projects in terms of investment profitability.

The main emphasis in the corporate investment strategy is aimed at levelling out possible risks and ensuring consistently high profitability indicators. A win-win strategy allows, without prejudice to business partners and the company itself, to cover any losses that may be caused by unfavourable factors for the financial and economic sphere. Crypto-currencies entered the trend and became attractive for investment due to their complete independence from the banking sector and the economic situation in individual countries. To date, the Crypto-currency exchange rate is an extremely accurate indicator of their demand, and it is artificially impossible to bring this course down. But you can accurately predict the change in situations in the long term, which is what the analysts of the Bit-Reliability team use.

hyip-scams - BIT-RELIABILITY (SCAM) Review

Success in crypto-currency investments inspired the company’s management to actively expand its activities in this direction. To this end, Bit-Reliability has developed attractive investment programs for private investors and businessmen with favourable terms. Many of the programs are also available to foreign citizens: the company expands not only investment flows, but also geographical boundaries, allowing people to receive passive income from the rapidly developing crypto-currency market.

Main characteristics of the project:

Project type – high income

The minimum payment is from 20 US dollars

Deposit term – from 1 to 74 days

Deposit included in the final payment

Instant payments

Currency: PerfectMoney , Payeer , BitCoin , AdvCash.

In the arsenal of the company there are 4 tariff plans from 1 to 74 days with a high interest rate already on the first day.

hyip-scams - BIT-RELIABILITY (SCAM) Review

The income depends on the volume of investments. The project pays instantly.

If you want to start investing in Bit-Reliability, you need to register on the site of course.

Investment plans of the Bit-Reliability project: 4 plans.

(Plan 1)

Rate of return: after 1 day

Min: 20$

Max: 50000$


Deposit: Include Profit

Payment Instant

(Plan 2)

Rate of return: after 5 days

Min: 20$

Max: 50000$

Return: 374%

Deposit: Include Profit

Payment Instant

(Plan 3)

Rate of return: after 15 days

Min: 20$

Max: 50000$

Return: 1200%

Deposit: Include Profit

Payment Instant

(Plan 4)

Rate of return: after 74 days

Min: 200$

Max: 50000$

Return: 12200%

Deposit: Include Profit

Payment Instant

On the main page next to the tariff plans, you can see the income calculator. This will help calculate your contribution and income.

The site also has bonuses and promotions. This will help increase capital. You need to track them from time to time.

The partnership program: affiliate program: 6%

hyip-scams - BIT-RELIABILITY (SCAM) Review

To participate in the affiliate program, you do not need to have your own deposit. You receive a referral commission, which is instantly paid to you in electronic currency.

Technical fit:

Registered UK Company/ Guildford


If you have any questions, you can easily contact to the support team.

To the conclusion, the Bit-Reliability project received many positive reviews and proved itself in the market. The project has high profitability, and the number of participating investors is growing every day. If this project interested you, join its members and team.

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