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Intelligent Investment Review

hyip-scams - Intelligent Investment Review


hyip-scams - Intelligent Investment Review

Intellectual investment services

We present to your attention the review of INTELLIGENT INVESTMENT

According to the legend, the company is engaged in speculative trading in the Forex market, using unique technologies for analyzing the indicators.

INTELLIGENT INVESTMENT was founded most recently in the UK in December 2017. The site has a certificate and documents confirming its legitimacy. Let’s look at the main aspects that will be of interest to investors and partners.

The program offers its clients the best risk management and control systems to ensure effective management of their funds through existing investment plans, which we will discuss below.

hyip-scams - Intelligent Investment Review

General information

INTELLIGENT INVESTMENT is a business organization, a limited liability company, which deals with trading in Forex, Crypto-currency and stock markets. The organization worked hard to create and manage the company, as a result, we already see excellent results. Having experience, we continue to develop, because “there is no limit to perfection”. The management team of INTELLIGENT INVESTMENT SERVICES CORPORATION LIMITED has developed a long-term development policy for the company, as well as a sensible trading business plan and discipline to adhere to this. In this policy, the cornerstones are the development of business activities and interactive interaction with partners and colleagues around the world.

The company is developing rapidly, as it has experience and knowledge of the financial market, and also thanks to the best strategies and innovative solutions. The company’s team was formed as a result of many years of trading experience on the world’s largest trading floors and can deal with any investment task. The main goal is to accumulate funds, and then diversify these investments to generate profits for the company and respectful investors. This is done by professional investment of money in three areas, including forex, stocks and crypto-currencies. Diversifying our investments in these three areas, we can minimize risks, while increasing profitability for all participants.

Our company has been successful thanks to automation of the securities trading industry. Over the past decade, there have been more significant changes in this sector than in previous centuries. Technological improvements have changed the structure of trading platforms and led to the formation of new approaches to the conclusion of transactions. The replacement of human activities with electronic systems allowed to expand the area of ​​automation of trade procedures and include new stages of transaction processing, which led to the development of innovative technologies for making deals, such as direct access to markets (DMA).

hyip-scams - Intelligent Investment Review

Main characteristics of the project:

Registered: October/30, 2017

Project type – high income

The minimum payment is from $1

Deposit term – from 21 to 120 days

Deposit included in the final payment

Currency: PerfectMoney , Payeer , BitCoin , AdvCash, Litecoin.

The company provides us with effective trading and financial activities and offers many investment opportunities in the form of special investment plans. Namely plans are: A, B, C, D, E, VIP BRONZE VIP SILVER, VIP GOLD, special plans from 1 to 3. Each of them is unique in its own way.

As you see, the plans are various. You need to decide what plan will be best for your pocket.


hyip-scams - Intelligent Investment Review

Plan A: 5% daily for 21 days

Minimum deposit: $10.00 – $500

Min. Max. Withdrawal: $ 1 – $ 1,000,000

Plan B: 5.5% daily for 27 days

Min – Max Withdrawal: $1 – $1000000

Min – Max Deposit: $10 – $500

Plan C: 6% daily for 35 days

Min – Max Withdrawal: $1 – $1000000

Min – Max Deposit: $2001 – $5000

Plan D: 7% for 45

Min – Max Withdrawal: $1 – $1000000

Min – Max Deposit: $5001 – $10000

Plan E: 9% daily for 51 days

Min – Max Withdrawal: $1 – $1000000

Min – Max Deposit: $10001 – $100000


Plan Terms: 1000% after 5 Days

Min – Max Withdrawal: $1 – $1000000

Min – Max Deposit: $10000 – $100000


Plan Terms: 1500% after 10 Days

Min – Max Withdrawal: $1 – $1000000

Min – Max Deposit: $10000 – $100000


Plan Terms: 3000% after 30 Days

Min – Max Withdrawal: $1 – $1000000

Min – Max Deposit: $10000 – $100000

Special plan 1 with compounding:

Plan Terms: 280% after 30 Days

Min – Max Withdrawal: $1 – $1000000

Min – Max Deposit: $10 – $100000

Special plan 2 with compounding:

Plan Terms: 600% after 50 Days

Min – Max Withdrawal: $1 – $1000000

Min – Max Deposit: $10 – $100000

Special plan 3 with compounding:

Plan Terms: 1600% after 120 Days

Min – Max Withdrawal: $1 – $1000000

Min – Max Deposit: $10 – $100000

Intelligent Investment offers a partner reward of 5%. If you want to become a part of the affiliate program, you only need to register and find a unique referral link in your personal account. After registration with your reference, the new investor will be your referral. The activity of your referrals guarantees you a worthy reward for your work. You will receive a reward for partnership in the amount of 5% of the deposited funds of your referrals.

The partnership program: affiliate program: 5%.

hyip-scams - Intelligent Investment Review

The site has technical support. At any difficulty, you can immediately seek help. You can be sure that competent support specialists will help you at any time of the day.

Technical fit:

Registered UK Company/ London


The company is certified.

The website includes the SSL certificate Extended verification, so you can be sure that you will not be controlled from the outside.

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    Really worked hard I received my money again.

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    Good guy and really worked hard.


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