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Bitcolex (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Bitcolex (SCAM) Review


hyip-scams - Bitcolex (SCAM) Review

A new HYIP project called Bitcolex Limited started working on April 6, 2018. On the first page, we can see tens of thousands of visitors who have already made their investments and their salary accounts.

The project is well protected with modern software. Registered in the UK and has its own registration number to verify its legality.

The mosthyip-scams - Bitcolex (SCAM) Review important things are investment plans. And here we see them as 5%, 8% and 10%. Payments occur daily seven days a week. The affiliate program is also divided into three levels. It is interesting thay you do not need to have an active deposit for it.Investment Plan takes different currencies.

Since 2009, Bitcolex participates in the development of bitcoins. This fell on the basis of the creation of a new Bitcolex program. Let’s examine in more detail all the points of this HYIP project which are interesting for us.

Main characteristics of the project:

Start on April 6, 2018

Language versions: English, German, Russian;

Accepted currencies: Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash;

Payments: 7 days a week;

Investment plan: 5%, 8% and 10%;

The minimum deposit amount is $30;

Affiliate program: 7% , 2%, 1%.

hyip-scams - Bitcolex (SCAM) Review

General information

Bitcolex LTD produces bitcoins through a powerful network based on an integrated circuit. Due to unimaginable growth, talented professionals were hired only for optimal service of people. Engineers and programmers work tirelessly on programs.

Most of the team’s professionals come from science. Nevertheless, they are very interested in the issue of cryptovariance. As a result, we came together to provide reliable service. The company ktverdo believes in the digital currency. The digital currency is certainly the future of the world. The community of bitcoins is growing at a fast pace.

Bitcolex Ltd tries to include as many people in its community as possible. Mining is accessible to all around the world. On occasion, age is only a number. In different places the user can easily participate in the process of bitcoins development. The user used intellectual crypto-currency to receive a reward in the form of a bitcoin. The company’s professionals try, first of all, to develop mining services.

hyip-scams - Bitcolex (SCAM) Review


As we see, there are three types of deposits 5%, 8% and 10% in the investment plan.

The minimum deposit is $ 30. Payouts are from 120% to 144% from 12 to 34 days. May be paid daily.

If you invest $ 30at 5%, the daily profit will be $1.5. In this case, the total return for 34 days will be $51.

How about 8% in 18 days? With an investment of $250, the daily profit will be $20. And the total revenue will approach 260$.

If you invest $500 in the plan 10% for 12 days, the daily profit will be as much as $50 with a total income of $600.

And this is really quite a good salary!

1) 5% for 34 days

Min deposit – $ 30

Max deposit – $ 100,000

Total profit – 170%

2) 8% for 18 days

Min deposit – $ 30

Max deposit – $ 250,000

Total profit – 144%

3) 10% for 12 days

Min deposit – 500

Max deposit – $ 100,000

Total profit – 120%

The Affiliate program includes three levels of the partnership. There are: 7% , 2%, 1% of referral commission.

hyip-scams - Bitcolex (SCAM) Review

Technical part:

Registered on April 6, 2018;

SiteLock, Comodo, Mcafee Secure

Certificate of registration of the company: No. 11269286 of Great Britain

The beginning of Bitcolex Limited career with bitcoin on the world market began relatively recently in 2009 and was consistently consolidated in the market. The site has already become very popular. We see how a large number of depositors made their bets in just one day. The project is very quickly gaining momentum and popularity. Therefore, its profitability can only be compared with the world’s leading leaders in investing in crypto-currencies. It should be concluded that Bitcolex Project is a serious HYIP project with a high degree of confidence and low risk.

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    server error

  2. admin

    this website had you as an upline and i went with your feed back and it was shut down a day after. this was unfair on your part as a review website

    • admin

      Hello, please, always look at the date of review. The longer a project lives, the faster its SCAM will come. I really don’t believe in investment after 3 months of mid-term HYIP’s life.


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