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DeNet ICO — qualitative investment in web hosting

Denet is an innovative server system designed to solve IT issues, but primarily for the purpose of data storage. This platform combines the qualities of a web host and a trading platform. Thanks to these qualities, any user can earn on using the server.

ico - DeNet ICO — qualitative investment in web hosting

All developed products and the significant issues addressed

Now the development of the platform is divided into 2 networks — one network already operates with minimal functionality (semi-centralized), and the second is at the development stage (decentralized).

Using a semi-centralized network, you can test the main characteristics of the server. At the end of the test, an absolutely decentralized network will be implemented with all the possible functions that developers offer.

DeNet solves a number of very important problems in today’s Internet world:

  1. Ensures maximum protection by using a large number of tools.
  2. Guarantees cheap places for storing information. This decision will effect on the number of the users of platform.
  3. Guarantees the independence of its functioning from any state.
  4. Guarantees high speed of connection and data transfer.
  5. Guarantees access to any sites, regardless of where you live.
  6. Guarantees the diversity of available servers by specified parameters.


Ways to use Denet services

Four mysterious ways

  1. To create VPN servers
  2. Create fully functioning websites
  3. To store files in cloud storage
  4. Solve computational problems

Distribution of DNET Tokens
  • Public sale
  • Project Team
  • Reward fund
  • Advisors/Mentory
  • Refferal program
  • Bounty

DeNet plans to release about 1 billion tokens, the cost of one — 0.035 dollars, a good offer. Seventy percent of tokens are intended for public sale, 11% for the team, the rest for other expenses. The developers have identified the hardcase project — $24.5 million. Team’s tokens will be blocked for only 6 months, and then developers will receive them at 20% each quarter. Like in many other projects, not sold tokens will burn, and after token sale, emissions will end. Token sale is planned on Q2-Q3 2018.

DeNet ICO Details

Minimum Cap3 million USD
Hard Cap24,5 Million USD
PreICO Bonusabove 1 000 USD - 30%

ERC-20 is the basis of many tokens and the DNET token is no exception. The DNET token is linked to the Ethereum, it has the same address format, and all transfers of this cryptocurrency can be checked in the Viewer.

PROject team and partners

The platform has already a considerable number of partners and gradually this list is increasing. Among them are such well-known organizations as Giga Watt and Daplie. From the list of partners on the official site you can see the organization of cashback and partner programs, a community of individual crypto-currency projects and coins.

Platform developers — one of the most experienced people in the field of online hosting. The founder of the platform is Signatullin Rafik, a man who has been involved in business and management for more than 15 years. He already managed to launch several start-ups, including the Concept House Store.

Money raised

Platform 10M $US
Internal exchange 15M $US
International network 25M $US
Branch opens 35M $US
Blockchain 40M $US
So, we can see that DeNet is a very perspective project in which can be interested big investors. The current situation of the Internet and the problems associated with it, with the implementation of access to it and the exchange of information today are very critical. This problem resolves DeNet because it combines the qualities of a web host and an information platform. Thanks to these qualities, any user can earn on using the server. The financial and public image of the service model is described, so it motivates users to long-term high-quality investments and allows absolutely all partners to purchase high-quality service at a low price or get a great potential. According to our analysis, any participant the network acquires significant additional value from interest in it. The DeNet project is currently at the stage of an effective MVP and is intensively continuing to create the whole decentralized protocol DeNet .
  • This is a large growing market, the cost of which is estimated at 1 billion dollars, and this is only web hosting.
  • The platform solves a number of very important issues by using the computer's power.
  • The huge interest of a large investor makes this project automatically successful.
  • The platform token will be easily used to pay for servers.
  • Low level of hype and media presence.
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