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BitArb Review: a fresh promise of easy profit

BitArb ( — Bitcoin Arbitrage Investment Pool — working since June 4, 2018. According to the website, HYIP-project is practice trading of cryptocurrency. His investment plans suggest a floating interest rate, the size of about 2%.

Critical look: what is HYIP BitArb?

BitArb is a mid-interest every-day HYIP project with the legend of making a profit with trading in Crypto currency. The minimum investment in a fiat currency starts from $ 50. The interest rate is floating, in the period of research the average amount of payments makes up about 2,046% per day. The organizers declare a profitability of 1.5%.

hyip-scams - BitArb: a fresh promise of easy profit

The main features of the holy legend

Genius Investment Strategy

Yes, «the simplicity of genius» 

 is a phrase you may find on your lips:

to buy for $7200 + to sell for $7400 = take profit of $200

Actively suggest by the users a story: bought for $7200 bitcoin is easy to sell for $7400 at the same time and make a profit of $200. Of course, they have no problem with finding complex crypto-trader’s programs for it. The trouble is that the company wants to invest not 1, but 10 bitcoins, which are “out of stock”. A company receive part of the profit and gives the other part to the investor. Perfectly, is not it?

More about investment plans

Plans of investment:
ThermROIPer day
30 days50 %0.6 %
60 days 60 %1.0 %
90 days 75 %1.2 %
120 days90 %1.3 %

The system automatically determines the period of investment, depending on the amount of money. The calculation of profitability is available in the “Calculator” menu or during the purchase of assets.
Available payment systems:

  • For crypto currency — any crypto-currency wallets, including exchanges;
  • For fiat currency — PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, Tether.

The replenishment amount automatically participates in the investment. Before this, you need to choose the percentage of money reinvestment (0-100%). For the first round, I would advise you to leave the default value of 0%.

Invest in Bitcoin arbitrage


All investments is speculative in nature and involves substantial risk of loss. We encourage our readers to invest carefully.

How to invest

To invest funds, go to the page «Finance» ➔ «Deposit funds».

It is possible to invest 11 currencies (minimal contribution): Bitcoin Cash (0.0436), Bitcoin (0.006495), Dash (0.15578825), Ethereum (0.0821225), Euro (42.7350425), Litecoin (0.412388), OmiseGo (4.2790315), The US dollar (50), Monero (0.2997035), Ripple (73.6374855), Zcash (0.213366).

How to withdraw money?

There is no commission for withdrawal for all payment systems. The user goes to the section «Finance» ➔ «Withdraw funds» and selects the desired currency. The minimum withdrawal amount is 5 $.

The project developers recommend setting improved security with a pin-code for withdrawing money. But can they answer for sure that the scam of their project will not come sooner than hackers will hack into my account?!

The interface of the personal cabinet

The interface is discreet, convenient, well-designed. It is executed in green tones for associating with money, profit.

The main page contains:

  • Status of all internal accounts;
  • The current value of currencies in relation to the dollar;
  • Constantly updated quotations of main currencies on the Poloniex exchange;
  • Active deposits and connected tariff plans;
  • Payment calendar with daily rates.

Referral program

The affiliate program is a 4-tiered system of referral payments with such commissions: 8% – 4% – 2% – 1%.

Consultants-representatives of BitArb receive such commissions: 14% – 6% – 3% -2%. To become a representative, you need to have a minimum deposit of $ 1500 on the account. The maximum number of representatives is 250. The duties of the representative include:

  • Email support
  • Phone Support
  • Organization of short conferences
  • Ads on Facebook and Twitter
  • Orientation in news and updates BitArb
The project uses advertising on forums and in the Google AdWords campaign. The project offers 4 tariff plans. The most optimal is the plan for a period of 30 days, where the yield per month is 150%. For example, invest $ 200. We get about $3 per day for a period of 30 days. The minimum deposit amount is $ 50, the deposit is returned at the end of the investment term. The net profit for 30 days will be 50%. The project started quite recently, so we go to the start of its development. Nobody knows how to work - everything is in the hands of developers. You can go in and make the first circles with small amounts.
  • A mid-interest and every-day HYIP project
  • A convenient payment office with a built-in profit calculator
  • No commission for withdrawal on any of the currencies
  • Recovery of lost password and e-mail
  • The deposit can be withdrawn early with a commission of 30%
  • This HYIP described non-existent profit generating tools
  • The project started quite recently
  • The high size of the minimum investment
Our Investment - 1
Accepted Payments - 5
Website and Security - 6
Legal Information - 7
Affiliate Program - 10
Investment Plans - 10
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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