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ICO Kepler Technologies — qualitative investing in robotics

Kepler Technologies — qualitative investing in robotics

ICO Kepler Technologies launched with the aim to build an investment market in area of high-tech. Investors will manage and control network. MIT’s Global Partners invented and created ICO together with the project team. They also will provide a development environment for the successful startups in K platform.

ico - ICO Kepler Technologies — qualitative investing in robotics

Managers of project planning to create KEPLER Lab with more advanced infrastructure and machinery than the Tech Park Georgia is. LAB will allow create prototypes in robotics, which will finally provide a liquidity of tokens.

Team will develop for ICO Kepler Technologies blockchain technology, tokens, decentralized crowdfunding and KEP Token.

Distribution of KEP Tokens
  • Investors
  • Project Team
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Reserve

Benefits to token buyers

  • Access to startups at different stages of development;
  • Lower payment fees;
  • Ability to create smart contracts;
  • Web and App with live reporting of LAB;
  • Systematic trust with governing authorities.
    • Instant payment processing;
    • Exchange of KEP tokens to Cryptocurrency or FIAT available 24/7;
    • Safe payments and consuming.
  • Transparency;
  • Accountability of all parties;
  • Easy Auditing;
  • Employee fraud reduction;
  • Real-Time statistics.

KEP ICO Details

Price1.25 USD
Minimum Cap10 million USD
Hard Cap62.5 Million USD
PreICO Bonus30%
While in ICO20–5%

As a result, for project create and distributing a maximum of 100 million tokens.



Firstly, investors can purchase shares in the K Technologies through KEP to receive profit. In addition, company plans to buy 80% of the tokens at boost price. Another long-term benefit is the diversification of the investment portfolio in the development of products through KEP token.

Secondly, buyers of tokens will be able to use it at all stages of project development. In the future, people will easily be able to exchange it on the Kepler platform.

Finally, the fulfillment of engagements is guaranteed by the exception of the human factor — all of them backed by blockchain and smart contracts. So, if the company does not reach the limit, investors will receive their money back.

Money raised

Platform 10M $US
Internal exchange 15M $US
International network 25M $US
Branch opens 35M $US
Blockchain 40M $US


ICO Kepler Technologies allocated rather money for a bounty program:

  • Signature and Avatar on Bitcointalk — 2–30 tokens. Therefore, the amount of money depends on account level;
  • Activity in Twitter — 2–6 tokens/week, depending on the number of followers;
  • Also, activity in Facebook — 2–4 tokens/week, depending on the number of followers/friends;
  • Translations — 50 per ANN, 250 per Whitepaper, 5 + 1 stake/member per pinned message from group;
  • Hence, proofreading — 10 per ANN+Bounty Threads, 50 per Whitepaper;
  • Especially relevant for blogging — 0–250 per articles/ videos on YouTube and other hosting sites. Depending on the quality and number of viewers;
  • Activity in Telegram — 1–3 for 30 most active members;
  • Subscribe to Youtube Channel.
Kepler Technologies ICO have a strong team: experienced programmers, designers, managers. Of course, their product is not original, but developers have a fresh look at the world of robotics. In addition, they presented WhitePaper with answers to potential investor’s questions. Token KEP backed by real assets of Kepler Technologies. Token holders can buy shares of company and get some dividends. Business in the sphere of high technologies is actively developing — Ilon mask is going to colonize Mars, he needs many robots. Anyway, this ICO project attracted the attention of investors and already collecting money on pre-sale.
  • Construction sites, technical know-how, lands, high-tech lab equipment will provide a liquidity of tokens
  • High activity in social networks
  • The project team participated in more than 149 startups
  • A human-type robot, first joint product, in pre-alpha stage development before start ICO
  • Providing information about the location of the company
  • Formed business model of Ecosystem
  • Georgia is not recognizing cryptocurrency and the government can illegalize operations with it at any time
  • The structure of the company's income distribution has not been formed
  • Not an original idea - ICO market is full of projects for the creation of investment platforms and the development of high technologies
  • Do not make ready-made robotics exhibitions, like their competitors
Team Evaluating - 10
Product - 8
Token Economics - 10
Business Evaluation - 10
Hype and Media Presence - 10
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