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PreICO Pavocoin — the best way for investments in agriculture

[PreICO]/[ICO] Pavocoin — the best way for investments in agriculture 18/04/27-18/09/15 [BOUNTY]

Pavocoin PreICO is raising money to change the agricultural system by bringing in there new technologies, as blockchain and cryptocurrency. In addition, developers wish to change the outdated technologies, as marketplace. Users of this system will have an opportunity to reach the better harvest and improve their productivity.

ico - PreICO Pavocoin — the best way for investments in agriculture

Pavocoin focuses on making universal system called PAVO to in all areas of agriculture:

  • Consumers, including restaurants and grocers, will have an opportunity to get better quality and lower price of products by connecting directly to farmers.
  • Companies and universities will have more knowledge to enhance agricultural production and productivity in the nearest future.
  • Farmers will have higher top-line revenues or pre-sell their crops with the help of build in smart contracts. Therefore, both small and big farmers will have access to full range of useful and necessary tools and services.

Moreover, all of them will be connected with only one system.

A further aim

Another goal of this ICO is to make Pavocoin, cryptocurrency with cashless and frictionless transactions at better prices.

Food and agriculture represent a 5 trillion dollars industry. And it’s only gets bigger with time, because of growth of population. UN forecasts tell us that in year 2050 global food market will grow up to 70 percents than it is now. When there will be more than 10 billion of people on our planet the same year, animal feed will increase by few times or even more.

The agricultural market itself is going to grow from nowadays 5 billion dollars to 11 billion by only 4 years. At the same time the indoor vertical farming market is probably going to grow from 13% of agricultural market at all to 22% in 7 years; and it will be about 10 billion dollars.

new possibilities

While agricultural industry is increasing, IT industry is getting bigger too. This includes cloud computing, blockchain database, Internet of Things networks (or shortly IoT). And these are two both industries with growing consumer brand appeal and financial success.


Pavocoin ICO also will have a bounty campaign. The amount of tokens in this campaign will be 3 million coins, which is only 1.5% of all amount. To take part in bounty campaign you should have a Ethereum wallet with ERC-20 tokens support. You can receive this tokens in 5 different ways. The biggest part of them is for social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook. 15% will be available in English telegram. Another 20% are for their sponsor bitcointalk. 15% for reviews on Reddit, YouTube, etc. And the last 10% are reserved. Tokens will be delivered to your wallet during two weeks after completing the task.


Start27 Apr, 2018
End15 Aug, 2018
CountryUSA, Switzerland
Price1 USD
Mimimal investment500 USD
Minimum Cap5 million USD
Hard Cap30 Million USD
PreICO Bonus33%
While in ICO25–5%

Money for Bounty

Social networks 40%
English telegram 15%
Bitcointalk 20%
Reddit, YouTube, etc. 15%
Reserve 10%

Distribution of Pavocoin Tokens
  • Investors
  • Project Team
  • Reserve


If you’re interested in investing your money in this project, you should know that during PreICO (until six August of 2018) you can get 33% bonus to your investment; after PreICO, during ICO that bonus will be decreasing from 25% to 5% till the end.

There are also some additional bonuses depends on size of investment:

  • $500 to $1,000 USD – bonus of 27%
  • $1,001 to $2,500 USD – bonus of 30%
  • $2,501 USD and higher – bonus of 33%

Initial token price is 1 US dollar and there will be 200 million of them.

During PreICO there will be 40 million of them on the sale. Another 60 million are going to be sold on token generation event; 30 million are owned by team, founders, PR, partners and contractors. There is also a controlled reserve fund in size of 40 million tokens and growers reserve in size of 20 million.

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Agricultural is one of the most important resource for humanity to continue it's existence. Human population are going to get bigger and it will need only more resources. And this project is an ultimate solution to make food more productive and make it easier for all people in agriculture system to work.
  • Agricultural is very perspective industry
  • During PreICO you're able to get some additional bonuses up to 66% (33 during preliminary sale and 33 due to size of your investment)
  • Price of tokens depends on human population, which is going to grow
  • Amount of tokens are limited, what means that there won't be inflation
  • Developer's team owns 15% of all tokens. This is decreasing the chance of scam
  • There isn't completely ready product
  • There're lots of opponents, who can have better solution
  • Due to the law, in lots of countries such technologies just aren't going to work
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