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Airdrops TOP-5 for Time Investing

Oscar Hungry Games Airdrop

Airdrops is a chance for invest your time in the perspective ICOs and in return, receive some tokens. We chose 5 hottest Airdrops to make your time’s deposits profitable.
Do you remember that AirDrops have a limited budget? The possibilities below turn into a pumpkin when it ends. So don’t wait any longer!

50 STOX (TRADING) — $4 and More Profit

Take your first money earned with HYIP.com. Participate in AirDrop with 2 different IP => Find the question about Putin and Trump with 2 answers in the policy section => Bet 50 tokens from different accounts to different answers. Get a guaranteed profit at the end of August. Detailed instructions inside.

news - Airdrops TOP-5 for Time Investing

500 MapCoin — Wait for Phase 2 Airdrops — Less Participants Means More Profit

MapCoin hold a 1st phase of the Airdrop in a few hours. 20,000 lucky people get 500 tokens. Follow their thread on the forum so as not to miss the 2nd phase. We think it will end also fast.

1500 REOS — $15 and a New Job for Content Managers

Second Phase of Airdrop’s company started! Free tokens for simply social tasks. Manual check of tasks more two days, 5% referral program.

50 ELT for up to $18 Profit and Free Virtual Card

If you want to get a loan in the cryptocurrency in the future, for example, to start investment activities, now you can take the priority line in the list of investors and also reserve a cryptocard for payments. You know, you can take a loan in an unstable cryptocurrency, change everything into dollars and in a few months buy the same crypto currency at a lower price for debt repayment. It looks like a kind and honest Forex market.

100 SYNT — $2 for Backing AI Industry on 2018/09/27

The final stage of ISO successfully ended! Developers announced a date when AirDrop participants can claim their tokens on ERC-20 wallets. Referral program — yes.

We are pleased to be able to share your profitable information with you. And very grateful that you trust us the most important thing — taking care of your financial awareness in the field of AirDrops.

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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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