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AlfaUnion — Partisan Restart After SCAM 2018/04/23 and Renewal of Payments

[HYIP] AlfaUnion — Partisan Restart After SCAM 2018/04/23 and Renewal of Payments [360% - 3000% profit]

HYIP AlfaUnion ( started from 4 April 2018 with a standard design and a non-licensed script. People marked it like as partisan and made either bookmarks or test deposits. The project worked 88 days and taken down by the admin.

hyip-scams - AlfaUnion — Partisan Restart After SCAM 2018/04/23 and Renewal of Payments

AlfaUnion opened, changed the design and investment offers at the beginning of this month. Payments for early investors are renewed. We just consider the actual plans and technical details below.

Ty my mind, the fresh legend prepared in 2017 year. According to the site, Bitcoin is the best cryptocoin for trading. They even presented it like as the most important currency today. Maybe, developers intended this information for beginners in the cryptocurrency world. I don’t know such people, and you?

Financial Part

In the current plans, the min investment is $ 20 for 10 Days with 70% of the net profit. The max investment is $ 100,000. The developers promise add the new plans soon, but we remain that it may not come soon enough.

The min amount of deposit for VIP and Special plans is $ 15,000 and $ 1,000 respectively. The max amount — $ 100,000 and $ 20,000.

There are deposits with 1-5-10-18-30-5-20 Days term. The people can pay with PM, AdvCash, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum. The project pays only for system with which the investor made a deposit. There are no both min amount and fee for withdrawal.

A Burnt Child Dreads the Fire

How do you think early investors will invest again?

Amazing Investment Offers

Plans of investment:
ThermROIPer day
1 Day112-140%112-140%
5 Days180-350%36-70%
10 Days170-700%17-70%
18 Days340-1500%18,89-83,33%
30 Days680-3000%12,67-100%
5 Days1000%200
20 Days2000%100

Invest in AlfaUnion

Don’t think that it’s easy to make deposit on a 1 or 3 Days plan — the min investment for them is from $ 5,000. Enjoy the renewal of payments or risk investing in a 10 Days plan.

Four How-to for the Potential Depositors

We do not force you to make a deposit. We do not guarantee you a net income from investing in this project. We provide information below for the investors who are too lazy to look for everything themselves.


  • Go to the Main page;
  • Fill in the fields on the PERSONAL INFORMATION;
  • Fill in the fields, which you will use on the PAYMENT SYSTEMS.

Send Money

  • Login to account;
  • Choose an available plan for investment with the convenient payment system;
  • Click below INVEST NOW and confirm it with button PROCESS.


  • Make a deposit through the system to which you will receive payments.
  • All sent money is automatically sent to the selected deposit and starts to make a profit after confirmation.

Receive Money

  • Go to the page WITHDRAW;
  • Withdraw available money from payment system with which you made a deposit;
  • Get instant payment.

Affiliate Program of the AlfaUnion

AlfaUnion offers Affiliate Program, so they give a chance to increase profit. People can using either text or banners ads, which created by this project for promote itself. All the partners instantly receive 5% commission for each new referral’s deposit.

AlfaUnion is the project with not very good past, but it resumed payments for early investors. Thereby this HYIP restored the trust of other investors. Most monitors have already changed the status of the project to PAYING. Anyway, people who previously invested money are unlikely to invest yet. However, new investors as our team can do it. Moreover, HYIP actively purchases ads, so it will not disappear soon.
  • The site switched from unlicensed script to on licensed Gold Coders script.
  • There are fresh and standard financial plans.
  • Any user of the AlfaUnion can participate in Affiliate Program without an active deposit.
  • The partners also receive free text, banners ads for both promoting service and attract referrals.
  • The threads with discussions in foreign forums both increase and attract new investors.
  • So wonderful web design is the best among HYIPs in this year.
  • The most interesting investment offers in development.
  • The early investors have no trust to this HYIP. They can scare away potential depositors.
  • A lot of negative ads about the project from early investors, I hope they will change their mind after the renewal of payments.
  • There are many unfinished sections on the site, like as RATE US, CONTACT PHONE NUMBERS or video on the main page.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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