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ICO Delicia – qualitative investment in food industry

Delicia is a new decentralized platform created to improve cooperation between buyers and sellers of food. Thanks to the platform, the price of food will be reduced, which will positively affect the seller’s profit and the costs of the buyer. The combination of blockchain and artificial intelligence will help maximize the use of food, and shrink to the maximum of recycling!

Team Delicia creates a universal decentralized food network, which revolutionizes the way restaurateurs and food products to retailers and allows you to maximize the process. It offers a real-time search for over-nutrition in restaurants, grocery-packed food stores and helps to send them at discounted prices to people who require it.

Distribution DFT Tokens

  • Token Sale
  • Reserve
  • Team and Advisors
  • Marketing
  • Expansion
  • Legal
  • Bounty + Airdrop

DFT ICO Details

Pre-sale31 Jule, 2018-31 Aug, 2018
ICO01 Sep, 2018-31 Oct, 2018
Price0.00002 ETH
Min Investment0.1 ETH
Minimum Cap5,000,000 USD
Hard Cap33,000,000 USD

Delicia product roadmap will be end in December 2020. Not an unimportant role in the Delicia ecosystem is occupied by ERC-20 tokens – DFT. This tokens are like fuel for the platform.

At the moment neither on the official website nor in White Paper do we have information about the project partners, so let’s hope that soon this defect will be corrected.

How to Use Delicia

  • Publish Marketing Campaigns.
  • Rate Buyers.
  • Scheduled Bill Reports.
  • Supply/Demand Decisions.
  • Utilize DFT Tokens.
  • Build Seller Reputations.
  • Dedicated Backend Office.
  • Publish Food Inventory and Consumption.
  • Determine Pricing Models.
  • Analyze Food Demands.
    • Rate Sellers.
    • Utilize DFT Tokens.
    • User Profiles.
    • Find Food.
    • Purchase Quality Food
      at Affordable Prices
    • View/Register to.
      Seller Campaigns

How it Works?

The platform has its own token - DFT. It is he who will be used on the site.

  1. The seller makes an announcement about the sale of goods or services, it does not matter whether the cafe is a bar or a shop.
  2. The owner registers his business on the site and fills the all forms.
    A person who is in the same locality as the seller receives a notification in his application about the proposal that has appeared.
  3. The person goes to the seller and buys the goods, defers information about this seller to the bookmarks or throws it into the black list.

As we can see, the platform functions quite easily, and using the token significantly improves its performance.


Delicia bounty campaign is closed. Spreadsheet will be fully updated by the end of ICO

During the sale of tokens, a person can receive bonuses for the purchase from 30% to 5%, depending on the day the tokens are purchased. The earlier you buy the more bonus, the later – the less.

  • Superior customer service.
  • Lower transaction fees.
  • Early access to Delicia App.
  • Real Time transactions.
  • Insufficient media coverage.
  • Small number of subscribers in Twitter.
  • Bad-looking FB which does not inspire optimism.
  • Stolen brand name.
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