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Ico London com — Pseudo Investment Vehicle With Two Ways for Deposit

HYIP Ico London com — Pseudo Investment Vehicle With Two Ways for Deposit [up to 67% Month Profit]

Increased borrowing must be matched by increased ability to repay.  Otherwise we aren’t expanding the economy, we’re merely puffing it up.  

hyip-scams - Ico London com — Pseudo Investment Vehicle With Two Ways for Deposit

– Henry C. Alexander

Ico London has been working since Jun 27, 2018. The admins say about find and investing in perspective ICO-projects. Analysis and intuition help them. It is very important factors as you know, especially intuition.

Their script confuses me because I cannot identify it. Follow the link to read more.

Critical look: what is HYIP ICO London?

Here also is call to investors read the section FAQ for to learn a lot of new and be acquainted with terminology. This is also a lie and I checked it. There only standard deposits/withdraw info. I really had hope saw some information about the ICO industry.

According to the site, their traders, financiers and analysts team engaged in cryptocurrency more than 10 years. The legend also say that company receive legal status that in 2018. How does it look at all for young HYIP investors? The company working more than 10 years without legal status, and the HMRС must to turn a blind eye on the Ico-London main page now.

7 What, Where or Why of Financial Part

  • You can invest with BTC, LTC, ETH, and BCH. Min-Max deposit is 0.005–15, 0.35–100, 0.05–200, 0.035–150 respectively.
  • Deposit terms are 7 and 21 days without days off.
  • You get withdrawal in crypto currency with which a deposit has been made.
  • Reinvest — yes, or course.
  • There are no fees or any hidden payments.
  • Max time for waiting withdrawal is 48 hours.
  • Principal amount included in P&L.

More about investment plans

Plans of investment:
ThermROIPer Day
7 Days110%16%
21 Days210%7%

Ico-London pays 110% after 7 Days to one plan and 7% daily for another plan. Principal included for all plans. The HYIP actively attracting new monitors in partnership for receive new investors. For example, today more than nine special sites have here their deposits.

The formula for calculating net income is as follows: principal divide 10 for first plan. For example, you invest $100 and receive $100 / 10 = $10 after 7 days. Anyway, in the INVESTORS section is a profit calculator.

Invest in ICO-London

This HYIP soon has bounty for social activity, starts of the first webinar, makes a promo video. The unusual approach to marketing is one of the main features of the project.

Affiliate Program

The main block of any HYIP is itself Affiliate Program. It is the most simple and free way for mine new investors on HYIP enthusiasts. Ico-London propose 3-Level program with 7-2-1% return. The representatives of the project have enhanced offer to 10-2-1% reward. You can know more detailed from the support. Of course, this HYIP pay bonus in referral deposit currency.

3 Fast How-To for Start

I emphasize that you do not need to invest the last money.


  • Click sign up;
  • Fill out the form;
  • Click register.


  • Click add funds;
  • Choose offer;
  • Click add funds again;
  • Transfer money in appeared wallet.


  • Click withdraw funds;
  • Choose active balance;
  • Click withdraw.
We added Ico London to our investment portfolio. There are good design, normal content with interesting offers, so we can hope on the profit. The project recently attracted many monitors and spend some money, so during 7-10 days all people can become part of the fundamental part of this pyramid.
  • Believable story about investment activities.
  • Good offers for the mid-term HYIP.
  • Generous Affiliate Program.
  • Bounty for the social activity coming soon.
  • SSL with Green Bar plus DDoS-protection.
  • The script is undefined.
  • Content of the site is written to people which familiar with HYIP industry.
  • Many interactive element of the site slow down loading pages.
  • All investments is only in the crypto currency.
  • We noticed to this project late, and you need pay attention to the date of review before investing.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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