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Impetus ICO is a remarkable investing in business advertising

[PreICO]/[ICO] Impetus PreICO is a remarkable investing in business advertising June 4 2018 [BOUNTY]

Impetus One ICO is a Platform for advertising that aims to change the ongoing trend in online advertising. To do this, there is an introducing of an exclusive PPM conception (Pay Per Mission). Instead of the object of advertising, the client will become an equal partner and will be rewarded on the basis of achieving their goals in the company’s process.

Distribution of NUDGE Tokens

Goals and objectives

  • High efficiency of advertising
  • Income distribution
  • Constant cost of conversion
  • Networking effect
  • Creating a modern standard of brand advertising with “client challenge”.
  • Make charges simpler. Pay in stores, make a joint payment for a split check with one scanned QR code or transfer finances to partners. All of this will be done with Impetus One Wallet. It will send money to anyone you want.


Pre-saleJune 4, 2018 - June 22, 2018
ICOJuly 4, 2018 - Aug 4, 2018
Price0.0000125 ETH
Hard Cap22,200 ETH

Pain that needs to be resolved

They want to solve costly and needless ad purposing, incalculable conversion price, great market entry barriers to entry for start-UPS.

ico - Impetus ICO is a remarkable investing in business advertising

This Impetus One will give an advantage to each participant of this project: the customer, the advertiser and the publisher. For clients will be solved such problems as:

  • Costly and inefficient ad targeting;
  • Short-sighted market;
  • Cost of conversion may be ever predictable in some areas. However they need an improvement and skilled customization to be within the boundaries;
  • It will help small businesses to resist without high advertising costs.


5% of the TTS will be used for private sales and pre-sale bonuses as well as to reward advisors. There may be a balance of tokens if the pre-sale does not require a projected number of bonuses. The remaining amount of tokens will be replace to a small airdrop established on definite standard to be set at the proper time.

Structure of bonuses

The Structure of bonuses bases on the users’ part grade. To reward trust depositors, we have developed a bonus structure with bonuses of no more than 30% during private sale, which is limited to 1000 ETH and no more than 20% for contributions during pre-sale. We believe that early adopters should be rewarded for trusting our idea and team, but there should be a harmony between their reward and crowd sale statements.

Impetus One is a real innovation in the world of cryptocurrency. It offers a fundamentally new paradigm that can change the entire market of Internet advertising.
  • This is a completely new approach to the interaction of brands with their customers, based on common goals and ideals.
  • This gives the advertiser an opportunity to set specific advantages for customers who want to interact with the brand and comply the tasks designated by the advertiser.
  • Impetus One - it means for a business to interact with its customers based on common ideas and goals. And also it creates a unique links connecting two sides.
  • They are create an unique system where each partner is rewarded with publishers, customers, and reviewers and a strong incentive for business owners to accept payments in the Incentive. This leads to a wider spread of crypto currencies.
  • Conversion rates are growing, as the client is strongly interested in achieving the goal set by the advertiser. Advertising costs are dramatically reduced, with a platform fee of 10%.
  • Tokens will be distributed to the wallets of the participants only after reaching the soft limit. If the required number of sales is not reached, all ETH entered in the this contract will be returned automatically.
  • Recognition doesn't happen in one day. This will take a long time, but now there is a constant influx of people to the cryptocurrency market.
  • Indeed, there are difficulties with scalability. And they need to be addressed so that more users can be brought into the ecosystem. The developers are already working on this issue and have proposed a number of solutions.
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