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Paytomat — effective investing in the development of the cryptocurrency community

[PreICO]/[ICO] Paytomat — effective investing in the development of the cryptocurrency community 01.08.2018-20.08.2018 [BOUNTY]

The Paytomat project aims to increase the transactional use of cryptocurrencies by using a decentralized network of outlets. The project team has developed the platform, which facilitates the wide adoption of cryptocurrencies by both organizations and consumers. It also ensures the liquidity of these cryptocurrencies. This technology simplifies the process of accepting payments in the cryptocurrency by sellers, as well as the process of paying for the cost of goods and services in the cryptocurrency by buyers.

ico - Paytomat — effective investing in the development of the cryptocurrency community

This project implements a special extension for POS-terminals, used to receive payments in the cryptocurrency. This expansion simplifies acceptance of payments in the crypto currency and stimulates buyers to use cryptocurrency as a payment tool. Buyers receive a wide range of available cryptocurrency for payment, for which no intermediate conversion is required.

How Become an Investor

Paytomat Investors

Each seller and buyer is considered as a cryptocurrency investor. Sellers can withdraw the received cryptocurrency assets through project`s payment processing partners or save the received income in the cryptocurrency.

Additionally, Paytomat launches a loyalty program that encourages customers and sellers to use the PTX token to enter into transactions for the purchase and sale of goods and services. To sell the PTX token, a PTI token was launched, which is an intermediate project token and can later be exchanged to a PTX token.

This technology uses the following logic:

  1. Any seller who wants to receive payment in a cryptocurrency creates an order and invoice with QR-code to his customer.
  2. The order code contains data such as the identifier that generates by the POS-terminal, the payment amount and the type of the cryptocurrency to use.
  3. The API checks the order for uniqueness, compatibility with available cryptocurrencies and other factors.
  4. The successful order data is transferred to the Paytomat database, where it is assigned a transaction identifier.
  5. After the payment is created by the buyer, system checks the status of the transaction in the corresponding blockchain through a special gateway.
  6. Each transaction status (new, confirmed, successfully executed, and others) is stored in the Paytomat database.
  7. The seller can check the transaction status at any time using a special plug-in for the POS-terminal or the Paytomat Mobile POS application.
  8. After receiving information about the successful execution of the transaction from the blockchain, relevant data into the Paytomat database is recorded.
  9. Further, the seller may keep the funds in the cryptocurrency, to exchange part of or the entire amount into another cryptocurrency or fiat money.

PTI ICO Details

Start02 Apr, 2018
End18 Apr, 2018
Price0.1 mBTC
Tokens Emission27,385,800 PTI
Tokens in the Market17,555,000 PTI
Minimum Cap455.5 BTC
Hard Cap1755.5 BTC
Accepted CryptocurrenciesBTC, ETH, LTC, WAVES, DASH, NEM, ADA

The project presents an intermediate PTI token based on the Waves platform, because the exchanges are reluctant to register new tokens.

Distribution of PTI Tokens
  • Core product development
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Researching
  • Regulatory
  • Team salary and adviser fees


Paytomat has the structure of an autonomous decentralized organization that contains elements of a decentralized franchise. This protocol allows any POS-device to become a master-node into the PTM-blockchain.


Paytomat project token holders will be provided with plug-ins for POS-terminals and Internet trading, Paytomat eWallets, web control panels, user panels, Paytomat DAO and decentralized deductibles, outlets and payment gateways.

The creators of Paytomat have developed a special system of offers and promotions, which are available through the user’s eWallets. Each customer can receive discounts on goods and services. The compensation tool within the ecosystem is the PTX token.


Paytomat offers the following bounty programs:

  1. Writing articles and posts in blogs, making videos about Paytomat technology and details of tokens sale;
  2. Create and lead your own Paytomat community, translate project documentation, conduct activities to attract public attention to the project;
  3. Connection of new users through referral links.

All participants of the Paytomat bounty program will be rewarded with PTI tokens for performing tasks and attracting new participants.

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❗️ New listing incoming ❗️

We are very happy to announce that tomorrow we will be opening trading for Paytomat $PTI on the Bitrue exchange, paired with $BTC! Come back October 22nd at 08:00 UTC to get in on the action @paytomat

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Despite the rapid development of blockchain-technologies and cryptocurrencies, their application in real sectors of the economy remains uncertain. Projects that stimulate the use of cryptocurrencies as payment instruments contribute to the development of the cryptocurrency community. Therefore, Paytomat has good chance of success. At the moment, the startup actively cooperates with companies in the domestic market (Estonia), and with companies from several other European countries.
  • Integration with existing POS solutions;
  • Stimulation of use of cryptocurrencies by buyers and sellers;
  • Loyalty program, discounts;
  • Low transparent fees;
  • Decentralized franchise;
  • Multi-channel UI / UX interface;
  • eWallets for sellers and buyers.
  • The idea of the project is no longer revolutionary;
  • Presence of competitors in the market;
  • Not all popular cryptocurrencies are supported;
  • A small market coverage at the moment.
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