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ICO Pingvalue – successful investment in advertising

Pingvalue is a new decentralized platform designed to solve the problems of digital advertising and advertisers. With the help of the platform, people will be able to purchase advertising at a reduced price due to the significant disappearance of intermediaries and schemes of fraud. The payment for the placement of advertising and other services will be carried out through the crypto currency. In other words, Pingvalue is a site that combines the qualities of a guarantor of popular advertising and a platform for searching advertisers. For those who are tired of overpaying for advertising, which in the end is not effective, this site will greatly help to increase sales.

Distribution of KEP Tokens
  • Percent of Tokens Issued in Private Sale
  • Percent of Tokens Issued in ICO
  • Percent of Tokens Issued to Foundation 5
  • Percent Issued to Founders
  • Percent of Tokens in Float Bonded by Nodes
  • Percent of Tokens in Float Initially hodl'd

What Problems Project Solve?

• Individuals suffer from information overkill.
• Information platform get is often irrelevant or does not reach it at
right moment and place.
• Platform need to waste too much time and effort in making best choices
based on specific budget.

ico - ICO Pingvalue - successful investment in advertising
    • • Lack of personalized customer experiences both online and offline,
      which often makes interactions ineffective.
      • Measuring concrete results of such interactions is difficult.

• City centers are becoming empty, commercial activities are less successful.
• This brings negative consequences on the local socio-economic system.

Pingvalue Project Details

Pre-ICOJune 30th 2018
ICOAug 15th 2018
End04 March 2018
Total Amount600 million
Sales total€30.0M
Decrease of Tokens each year1%

The developers distinguish 3 main distinguishing features of the implementation of the platform for blocking technology and smart contracts:
1. Reduces the cost of transactions.
2. Turns the placement of advertising into interactive communication.
3. Increases return through effective and targeted companies.

Today we are proud to announce a shiny new release with some amazing new features!! See more details here: #New #Pingvalue #NewRelease

Pingvalue's new version 1.3.0 on iOS and Android allows you to promote your products with simple ads within product lists. Create sponsored links with Pingvalue now! #Pingvalue #Advertising

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Pingvalue is already the end. Yes, the project has over 4 years of experience, but it has not achieved significant results. Given that he has many risks, he also obeys only the French law. Strange distribution of funds is even more alarming than previous nuances. In the end, we have a project with a good and experienced team and at the same time with a lot of alarming things.
  • Very experienced team.
  • Huge relevance in today's world.
  • A huge number of partners.
  • Great experience in this field (more than 4 years).
  • Economic platform.
  • The project is regulated only by the laws of France, which does not give the opportunity to sue the company through the courts of other countries.
  • Strange distribution of tokens.
  • Strange distribution of funds received for the sale of tokens.
  • A large number of risks.
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